Temple University is Trying to Do Away with the Concept of Gender As Humans Have Defined It Throughout All History

Temple University is Trying to Do Away with the Concept of Gender As Humans Have Defined It Throughout All History April 2, 2018

Temple University has officially gone off the rails.  According to Breitbart, the faculty and staff are trying to get rid of the very concept of gender as humans across all history have commonly understood it:

The gender binary refers to the traditional classification of human gender into two distinct categories, masculine and feminine. Some professors at Temple University are looking to erase this “outdated” classification altogether.

Heath Fogg Davis, a professor of political science at Temple, argues in his new book that he wants to live in a world in which everyone uses a “gender-neutral pronoun.”

“My argument in the book is not that we try to live beyond gender, but [to minimize] the formal use of gender and gender policies because of the ways it infringes on people’s individual autonomy,” Davis said. “In an ideal world, I wish that we all used a gender-neutral pronoun.”

I wish this was just a little shocking, but rabid science-denying identity politics is sweeping college campuses across the nation.  Here’s more from Breitbart:

Davis asks all of his students to write down their personal pronouns on a note card so that he avoids misgendering anyone.

“We’ll see how it works,” Davis said. “I want to see what the students’ feedback is, but I think that it can be helpful if everybody does it. Then it becomes kind of a universal design, and people don’t feel singled out.”

Charlie Catacalos, a Temple sophomore and the treasurer of Temple’s Queer People of Color group, says that he often asks professors to write down their pronouns so that they don’t have to announce it in front of the class.

“I’ve also had professors ask [students] to write down their names and pronouns,” Catacalos said. “I liked that because you don’t have to just say it in front of the whole class, but the professor will know, and they can even subtly correct people.”

It costs $44,000 to send your out-of-state student to this university, by the way…  but seriously…

Don’t. Send. Your. Kids. Here. Unless of course you think this is good stuff.  In which case, you’re nuts anyway, and I pray for your children to figure that out.

Hat Tip: Breitbart

Image Credit: Pixabay

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