How the Rabid Reaction to a Photo of NBA Legend Kevin McHale Proves that a Civil War is Coming

How the Rabid Reaction to a Photo of NBA Legend Kevin McHale Proves that a Civil War is Coming June 25, 2018

I’ve written lately about how we may have reached peak “crazy” when it comes to political discourse.

Hecklers forced Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a restaurant. House members have yelled and screamed at President Donald Trump. Rappers have used imagery of Trump being executed to sell albums. Peter Fonda tweeted that “we should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles.” California Democrat Maxine Waters said, “You think we’re rallying now? You ain’t seen nothing yet,” she vowed at an enthusiastic Los Angeles rally Saturday. “Already you have members of your Cabinet that are being booed out of restaurants … protesters taking up at their house saying ‘no peace, no sleep.’”

John Hinderaker of Powerline is no “crazy” conservative, and even he thinks this has all gone too far… especially the furor over a photograph that showed Kevin McHale in an audience where Trump was speaking.  He writes:

But maybe the craziest leftist outburst of recent days is the attack on NBA Hall of Famer Kevin McHale. Scott and Howard Root wrote here about President Trump’s triumphant appearance in Duluth, Minnesota last night. Trump almost carried Minnesota in 2016, and in all likelihood, if he runs again in 2020, he will win the state’s electoral votes. A photograph taken at last night’s rally that appeared on Twitter, if studied closely, revealed that one of the thousands in attendance was Kevin McHale, who grew up in northern Minnesota and spends summers there.

He continues to describe the outrage in the liberal media over McHale’s attendance… including this tweet:

McHale even trended on Twitter over this.

This is a phenomenon we have seen repeatedly over the last year and a half. Liberals try to rule any support for President Trump out of bounds. Anyone who expresses even the mildest support for Trump is read out of polite society. He is shunned; he should be fired from his job; if he writes anything, it shouldn’t be printed; he is publicly denounced and inundated with hate; his home, in some instances, is besieged and his children terrorized. If he ventures out into public, he is harassed by bullies. This is the essence of 21st century liberalism.

And it is evil. It is incompatible with democracy or any kind of civil society. And, above all, it is completely crazy. After all, Donald Trump won the election. Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Liberals are trying to dictate, through mob rule and control over the press, that any support for the President of the United States is unacceptable and, if at all possible, career ending.

How many Americans understand how crazy and evil liberals are? I’m not sure. Hardly anyone, in the scheme of things, is on Twitter. And the liberal press does its best to cover up its allies’ insanity. Still, I think word is leaking out. I can’t believe that Americans will vote a party this nuts back into power.

Exactly. Hinderaker, a very mainstream voice, is an indicator of the coming civil war, being fomented by the New Democratic Fascists.

Hat Tip: Powerline Blog

Image Credit: redsox20041027 on Flickr

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