A Million Facebook Users Watched a Satirical Video and Couldn’t Tell the Difference between a Socialist and a Joke

A Million Facebook Users Watched a Satirical Video and Couldn’t Tell the Difference between a Socialist and a Joke July 25, 2018

New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is causing Democratic tongues to wag.  Not only is the their “it girl,” she is a socialist.  What could go wrong?  Well, in addition to the fact that she’s a socialist, she really really doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Recently, this new liberal poster child was unable to explain what she meant after making the lazy and inaccurate statement that Israel is occupying Palestine.  When pressed on the subject, she laughed and said, “I am not the expert in geopolitics.”

Ya think?

That might make one just refuse to opine on the matter.  But not Ocasio-Cortez.

The whole interview was a joke and really deserved to be mocked.  In fact, that’s exactly what one satirist did.  Allie Beth Stuckey edited herself into the interview to make the point that Ocasio-Cortez is in over her head.  (The media should be making this point, and — in deed — would be, if Ocasio-Cortez were a Republican.)

Here’s the satirical version of the interview:

Over a million people watched this on Facebook, causing liberals to become apoplectic.  They, you see, are the ones who joke around.  Not conservatives.  In fact, they can’t take a joke at all.  Many demanded this satirical video be taken down, since people couldn’t tell the difference between the real video and the fake one.

Who’s fault is that?

Ocasio-Cortez’s entire campaign is a joke.  That’s on her, not us.

I like how Allie Beth Stuckey responded to the internet outrage. She tweeted:

To clarify AGAIN for the misreporting journalists & the blue checkmarks demanding an explanation:

1) I am not sorry.

2) It’s not coming down.

3) I will make another one.

4) You don’t have to hate Trump to use humor.

5) I don’t have to warn you when I’m about to tell a joke.

Keep it up.  I have a feeling Democrats will continue to serve you up content beyond parody.

Image Credit: Video Screen Cap

Hat Tip: The Verge

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