Guardian XO Robot Will be the World’s First Fully Powered Exoskeleton Suit (Yes, Really)

Guardian XO Robot Will be the World’s First Fully Powered Exoskeleton Suit (Yes, Really) July 11, 2018

In case you think I only pay attention to politics, check this out.  

The company Sarcos’s motto is: setting the standard for robotic systems that augment human performance to improve safety and enhance efficiency in unstructured environments.  And they are not kidding.

They created the world’s first fully powered industrial exoskeleton suit — like some sort of super hero in a movie — that improves human strength and endurance while maintaining the user’s range of motion.  In the films, these sorts of exoskeletons are always used to fight the bad guys.  But it looks like the first real one will be used to make industrial work easier and more effective.

Their website explains what they’re doing.  “As an undisputed industry leader in dexterous robotic systems, Sarcos Robotics is delivering technology to empower people to go further and to do more than ever before. We don’t replace human productivity, we enhance it, by making you stronger, keeping you safer and getting you to places you couldn’t otherwise go,” It reads.  “We’ve been at the forefront of robotics innovation for more than 20 years, with a track record of successfully turning science fiction into reality. Whether the application is commercial, industrial, public safety or defense, we don’t just build robots. We build new possibilities for real people who put it on the line every day to get the job done.”

Here’s their description of their Guardian XO robot:

Easily portable and highly versatile, the Guardian S robot is a remarkable platform for commercial, industrial, public safety and defense applications. Compact, lightweight and rugged, it can access places that you can’t, or shouldn’t, go, and that other robots and drones could never dream of entering. Need to inspect confined spaces? Climb stairs? Look under an automobile? Investigate a tunnel? Scale a metal pipe? Conduct extended surveillance? The Guardian S robot does all that and more. Equipped with a suite of sensors and the option to connect to the Cloud, it is ideally suited to perform a wide range of tasks from enhancing situational awareness to collecting environmental data. Designed to run longer, go further, and do more, the Guardian S man-portable robot is in a class of its own.

Fully portable? Amazing.

I want one.  What for?  Because, it’s cool.  Why else?

Watch the video by clicking here and scrolling down.  This is just plain cool.

Image Credit: Sarcos website

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