September 17, 2019

He is a priest unafraid to be open about his autism and who calls us to welcome other autistic folk in the Church. Do check out his videos here. In addition, a perusal of his Twitter feed reveals a perfectly orthodox priest with entirely orthodox views of normal Catholic things like the Eucharist. He notes stuff like Communism is Bad and so forth. But once, in 2017, he made the mistake (for the Christianist Catholic Freak Show) of saying that… Read more

September 16, 2019

He writes: It strikes me as rather odd that so many Catholics take the position that this teaching of the Church contradicts the Church’s previous teaching. If said Catholics could succeed in proving that, then they would rather unhelpfully have disproven Catholicism, which would be quite the own goal. Then again, I suppose they could make the case that disproving the Church’s claim that it cannot so contradict itself would not necessarily disprove Catholicism, but merely that particular claim. They… Read more

September 14, 2019

Some fun for you on a Saturday morning! Read more

September 13, 2019

…as the anti-semitic Freak Show disgraces American conservative Christianity in so many places: Nearly a dozen years ago, I noticed an advertisement for introductory classes on Judaism at local synagogues that were open to the community. Interested non-Jews were invited to learn a bit about Judaism. The first three-week session was informative, but somewhat disappointing because the rabbi seemed to have a very large chip on his shoulder about Christians. Had I not already been signed up for the second… Read more

September 12, 2019

Recently, Michael Sean Winters warned that the Francis-haters want schism: Last week, a friend called my attention to a website called “Faithful Shepherds” that was launched a year ago by LifeSiteNews. They state that their purpose is to provide a “one-stop database” about where Catholic bishops stand on certain issues and to “encourage bishops to be faithful to Christ.” The website considers a range of issues, including homosexuality and liturgy: “Does your bishop encourage Communion on the tongue while kneeling?” is one… Read more

September 11, 2019

Father, grant eternal life to all the victims of 9/11, living and dead. Give us the grace to forgive the murderers, to abandon fear as a way of life, to reject violence and hatred as the path to greatness, and to embrace your way of the cross as the path to life. Help us to love our country with true patriotism, not by embracing nationalism, but by rejecting it as the demonic lie that it is. Give us hearts like… Read more

September 11, 2019

Back in 2016, the Right Wing Lie Machine published a famous essay ginning up hysteria among the suckers who have been trained by years and years of Right Wing Lie Machine Panics du Jour to fly into a terror about everything the Lie Machine commands them to fear and lose their sanity about. (Who can forget the Tan Suit Panic du Jour, the Latte Salute Panic du Jour, or the Paper Clip Panic du Jour?). Indeed, here are a mere… Read more

September 10, 2019

Fausta Nalubega writes from Uganda: Dear friends of Mercy For Life Africa ministries, we are sorry to inform you that yesterday in our outreach of praying , giving comfort to the desperate, we got Viola who was in pain ���,with no money for any single treatment, viola is supposed to go for her last operation tomorrow but the family didn’t have 550$ to take her back , viola sleeps on the floor, and the family has no food to feed… Read more

September 10, 2019

Mike Lewis, over at Where Peter Is, writes: Recent remarks by Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, captured on audio, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Burke explicitly rejects the revised teaching on the death penalty in Catechism #2267 and urges catechists not to accept or teach the change that Pope Francis has mandated. On this site, we have long been tracking the views of those with extremist viewpoints who criticize Pope Francis. We have also noted a more mainstream contingent whose… Read more

September 9, 2019

My friend Fausta Nalubega writes from Uganda: Olivia’s surgery will cost 766$, she will be in hospital for two weeks, this cost has no food � We’re remaining with 176$ for Olivia’s surgery. We still need your help, it’s urgent so that she doesn’t loose her leg….����❤️❤️❤️ Please let us help Olivia All other bills have been collected Whatever you can give will be the grace of God for them.  Please help if you can. Read more

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