492 Followers! November 8, 2010

Speaking of 492, according to the site, in 492 AD, the Great Apostate Church took a huge leap forward when Jerome openly stated that bishops and elders were the same thing in the apostolic age.

The truly impressive thing about this event was that Jerome died in 420.

I sometimes suspect that almost all fundamentalist Church history consists of friend of a friend rumor regurgitated uncritically by people who assume that their pastor has a charism of infallibility dwarfing anything exercised by the bishop of Rome. All you have to do is go glance at Google for a second to find out Jerome had been in his grave 72 years by the time your favorite factoid supposedly occurred. But no, people just write this stuff and expect other uncritical folk to take it for granted as true.

Anyway, it’s good news for us Dark Lords. We *love* people who will believe anything. Go and do likewise, my pretties!

That is all.

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