Day 5 of the Tin Cup Rattle

Day 5 of the Tin Cup Rattle September 23, 2011

As your Dark Lord, I have to tell you that running Pits of Despair and spinning world-spanning webs of evil and intrigue is not as easy as it sounds. Besides the distracting screams of anguish, the food bill for the wolves who prowl the dark forests around my impregnable mountain fastness, and the repair bills for the Orbital Mind Control Laser Platform in Geosynchronous Orbit Above North America, there is also the daily pressure of paying the mutants, mind-numbed sycophants, and drooling half-human beasts spawned by my perverted science. And that Golden Submarine I use for piracy and battling giant squids doesn’t fuel itself either!

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Don’t think somebody else will do it. Today’s your day to say, “Where else can I find a blog that gives me stories about the Pope’s address to the German Parliament (without the standard eyerolling and contempt the MSM heaps on him), plus discussions of Star Trek, harvestable Welshmen, physics breakthroughs, the death penalty, magnetic children and all the other stuff that makes this blog so fun for so long.

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