Matt Labash has disappointing news…

Matt Labash has disappointing news… September 23, 2011

…for people who hate Obama so bad they were hoping he was the antichrist.

It is a curious thing, by the way, that phenomenon (confined entirely to certain apocalyptic Christian circles) of *hoping* that somebody is the antichrist.  It’s a recurring Team Sport that is sort of like doing crossword puzzles to fill up time for that particular subculture.  It’s not really serious typically, since so many antichrist candidates have come and gone over the years without that subculture stocking up on munitions, food, water, bomb shelters, and chip implant removal kits.  It’s sort of like the Left’s routine backchat about Bush being Hitler.  As Kathy Shaidle used to point out to critics who enjoyed indulging in such bored gossip, “If Bush is Hitler, why aren’t you lampshade?”  It was unserious.  A sort of polite in-group code language for establishing one’s bona fides.  In the same way, some Christians chat idly over their morning cuppa about Obama the Antichrist, not because they really believe it, but because it’s What You Say to telegraph your political and tribal allegiance in a sort of shorthand.  A few years ago, Clinton (Hillary and/or Bill) was Antichrist.  So was Saddam.  Khomeini, Gorbachev (Eek!  He has a mark on his forehead!) and numerous others have done their turn.  Meanwhile, antichrist speculators go on working, saving for retirement, rooting for their favorite ball club, and sleeping like babies each night.  It’s a sort of odd hobby, not a real theological commitment.

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