Coming to Chicago at New Years

Coming to Chicago at New Years November 7, 2011

I’m doing a retreat for the Militia Immaculta folks out at Marytown in Libertyville December 29-January 2 and I’m wondering if, while I’m there, somebody in the Windy City might be interested in having me come out to speak at their parish around or after January 3ish or so. If so, please let me know ASAP. The good part for you and is that MI is picking up the airfare. So I’d just need transportation to your parish from Marytown and the ordinary honoraria and a place to set up my little book table. I promise you a fun and informative evening.

If you want to know what I talk about, go here. If you want to talk to folks who have had me out to speak, I can connect you with them.

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