Stephen Colbert…

Stephen Colbert… November 18, 2011

…deftly eviscerates the traitorous swine known as our Ruling Class:

A million jobless vets (and thousands of others, both retired and active) get the shaft from the pigs who enriched themselves 3667% during the worst economic downturn since the Depression. For most of us, a millionaire is in the 1%. In Congress, 47% are millionaires.

My idea is strip these federal pigs in the legislative and executive branches of all their money except what they make for their office salary, take their riches, and put it in a fund for injured vets. Then, life in prison for any of these members of the Ruling Class who ever attempts to make a dime beyond their salary while in office. Also, immediate front line combat duty for any member of the legislative or the Executive branch who suggests stripping troops of their already crappy salary and bennies.

Someday soon, it is going to occur to our betrayed troops that they own all the guns and the pigs who send them off to fight and die while they stay home and enrich themselves have nothing but nice ties and limos. When that day comes, we will be lucky beyond our desserts if we do not face a major mutiny. Human beings can only take so much abuse and disregard. Recently, there has been much bustle in the press because a couple of jerks at OWS have defecated publicly. That these disgusting, filthy Ruling Class thieves can even contemplate this is an act of public defecation on the sacrifices of our troops that dwarfs the stupid publicity stunts of a few poor people. But whlle OWS jerks get hauled to the pokey when they act like jerks, wealth and power have the effect of insulating our Ruling Classes from the consequences of their despicable actions.

Nonetheless, God sees and his judgment will not sleep forever.

HT: Frank Weathers, fomer Marine. Thanks for your service, man.

Update from a reader: Thank you, Mark. There are many things I wish the American public realized about what it means to be active-duty military. For example, the “free” government housing we’re “provided” is often in terrible shape, as in mold problems, rat/insect infested, plumbing and electrical in bad repair, etc. Housing is mostly very, very old (like the historic Infantry barracks in Leavenworth that were reconfigured into family housing), and some of it has gotten so bad that it’s recently been condemned. I’ve seen families moved out of their crappy housing on post because it was scheduled for demolition. On Monday, it was “good enough” for a family to live there; on Tuesday, it was rubble. Housing is often in short supply as well, with families on waiting lists for up to one year. Where do they live in the meantime? Sometimes in a hotel — no joke.

There are a huge number of young military families on food stamps because their government salary doesn’t pay them enough to survive. Let that sink in: Some of the guys who have bled and died for our nation weren’t making enough money to feed their kids. Thanks, Uncle Sam.

For the most part, my husband and I have been fortunate in that our housing problems have been solvable, and we’re thankful to have a sturdy roof over our heads. But so many military families have housing horror stories that would make your head spin. It’s not that we military folk expect to be treated like royalty, but we’d like decent housing that’s safe and in good shape (especially while our husbands are deployed). Thankfully, a lot of new construction has been taking place in recent years at certain installations, and I can assure you that military families appreciate it.

Some people may have the impression that active-duty folks are given everything they could ever need with all those government “bennies” and it’s just not so. The cowards in Congress had better not dare to ask for any more “sacrifice” from the people protecting them.

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