670 Followers! December 13, 2011

Today, my robotic shufflers and yes men, I have decided to grace you, yet again, with THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!

I will continue to post a segment each day until the governments of earth give me one millllion dollars or the President orders my indefinite detention or summary execution without trial. He will find that difficult since my location is the best kept secret in the universe. I am invincible! INVINCIBLE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

That is all!

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  • Manwe

    Your really on a Star Wars kick, aren’t you Mark?
    And if I recall, this is not the first time you have held us at gunpoint with the Star Wars Holiday Special. That said, $1 mil on it’s way!!!

    And P.S. why only $1 million? Coming from the government that is chump change

  • Ah yes, I remember it well. A school full of disappointed fifth graders, that’s what you got the day after this cinematic dung heap was aired.

    • You and I are from the same archeological strata, friend. That is exactly what I remember.

      • Yep, I can still remember the little collection of desks put together as we all sat there and tried to make sense of the disaster.

  • I watched this recently with my wife. I remember watching it when i was a little kid during it’s only airing.

    My wife laughed more at the TV commercials placed inbetween then anything else. The animated Boba Fett segment I believe is an extra or easter egg on the Blue Ray Star Wars. Interestingly we have been watching the Honeymooners lately. It was then that Art Carney was in his prime. He looks completely different here.

    I hope I didn’t spoil anything plot wise for anyone.

    • You can’t spoil what isn’t there.

  • John C

    What was that!? An “Ugly Muppets” Christmas? With Harvey Korman and Beatrice Arthur? What a mess. Glad I missed it. Would have been scarred for life.

    • You forgot the best part: Carrie fisher strung out on smack singing a love song to the Star Wars main theme.

  • Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!

  • I watched this the one time it was aired. I was twelve. I loved Star Wars, and tried so hard to believe it was good. My mother, who was a pretty tolerant dame regarding our various entertainment choices, turned to me at one point (I think it was during Bea Arthur’s cabaret number) and said, “This is really dumb.” Over thirty years later, it still smarts… but I am proud to be a small part of history.

    • Whew, that’s the truth. My parents wisely stayed in the family room while I watched it in our front room. I waited weeks for this. Weeks. And then this. The period between its finish and the next day at school is a blur, but I’m pretty sure I became a little wiser in where I placed my expectations after this.

  • Confederate Papist


    I don’t speak Wookiee!!!!

  • Joe

    Nor will your lackeys divulge your super secret location in Seattle, WA.

    • Mark Shea

      Good lackey. Have a cookie. I don’t actually live in Seattle.

  • Bill Kirby

    You are a stern lord, and resolute…

  • Becca

    Watch the Rifftrax of this. It’s hilarious!

  • Clare

    You know it’s going to be good when you see them introduce Special Guest Stars Art Carney and the Solid Gold Dancers