Kerrrrrayyyyyzy Ron Paul thinks War with Iran

Kerrrrrayyyyyzy Ron Paul thinks War with Iran December 29, 2011

…is unjustified, so he is clearly insane according to the sober judgment of experts in Talk Radio and the War Party whose wisdom stampeded us into a foolish war less than a decade ago. Now we are, yet again, being spooked with visions of mushroom clouds over American cities, yet again, and, yet again, being told that only a fool or America-hating lefty could possibly want to avoid a fresh pre-emptive war (which, by the way, the Pope reminds us is not in the catechism).

You know, like the America-hating lefties who constitute Pentagon intelligence. What do those cowards and America-haters in the military know in comparison to the damp-handed chickenhawks and bellicose perma-civilians who constitute our Ruling Class, our field of GOP candidates, and our conservative pundit class? Ron Paul is clearly insane to rely on people who know what they are talking about and ignore the consensus of exactly the same people who plunged us into the debacle of Iraq using exactly the same scare tactics they are deploying now.

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