The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven

The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven December 5, 2011

…humiliating weak old women with strip searches to keep you in line, peons safe!

In other national security news, America is now safe from yet another seven year old boy defending himself from bullies. The sooner we stamp out that sort of self defense instinct among the populace, the sooner our elites will be safe to arrest anyone they place and jail them without charge or hope of release.

Look! Kim Kardashian! Chaz Bono! American Idol! Shiny!

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  • Joseph

    Sheesh, your Newt Gingrich post got more traffic than this one. Looks like the plan has worked. This has become so commonplace that no one is outraged any longer yet this is worthy of outrage and action. While OWS campers are becoming more and more dissolutioned by the cloud of marijuana smoke with whatever it is they are deciding to protest on any given day, an event that demands a real protest and uprising occurs directly under their noses (and ours, BTW).

    As long as there are boobs on TV, everything is fine.

  • Francis Monica

    Really? TSA can just escort one into a room and remove your clothes?! Wouldn’t the airline patron need to agree to be strip searched? What next?


    • Margaret

      Well, Francis, it’s not that you **HAVE** to agree to a strip-search. You just don’t get on the plane is all. And the poor dear missed her original flight anyway– what a nightmare.

      “Our screening procedures are conducted in a manner designed to treat all passengers with dignity, respect and courtesy.” Which clearly didn’t happen in this instance, which means the next statement should be something along the lines of, “We will promptly and thoroughly investigate the incident, and serious consequences up to and including firing may be imposed based on our findings.” Bleh!!! This is dehumanizing for all involved– the people having to undergo this AND the people doing the searches.

  • Dan

    Bread and circuses are alive and well!

  • Dan F.

    Link to the story about the boy please?

  • Margaret Catherine
    • John

      Why is it that a story like this has to be found in a British paper?

  • Margaret Catherine