Your Dark Lord will be partying today…

Your Dark Lord will be partying today… December 17, 2011

…with family over in our Hidden Peninsular Redoubt. However, I have not forgotten you as you groan and beg for death in my Pits of Despair. In an effort to motivate you to beg more loudly and sincerely (as well as to persuade the governments of the world to heed my demand for one millllion dollars, I give you the lovely and glamorous and utterly out-of-place Diahann Carroll in today’s segment of the Star Wars Holiday Special:

No need to thank me. Your pain is thanks enough.

That is all!

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  • randy

    Canada would be better off to ban the catholic, so called church, for all the harm done to the natives at the residential schools.

    • Manwe

      What on earth did that have to do with this post?!

  • Manwe

    All I can say is thank God for the “Star Wars: The Old Republic” mmo, it reminds me of why I like the Star Wars saga to begin with, where as this video just makes me want to…I don’t know, but it would be something drastic if I could figure out what it were 😉