A reader sends along this comment

A reader sends along this comment January 11, 2012
Today’s excerpt from TheCuriousCatholic is very, very interesting, for the author has posted a video in response to Voris’s Vortex statement re the AOD, calling for Prayer in Detroit.
Many of us are concerned to learn the truth. I am inclined to believe this blogger, since he has posted authentic data that is irrefutable. It looks as though more will be forthcoming. His partner offered further undeniable information in comment #10, for which I am also grateful.
FWIW, I’m deeply disturbed with the deplorable comments concerning the AOD. It doesn’t appear to me that these come from REAL Catholics.”
The video posted by the Curious Catholic is here:

It does make Mr. Voris’ “who? me?” claims look rather dubious, not to mention his little guerrilla war against his bishop.
Meanwhile, yesterday Dennis O’Donovan, the guy who interviewed Mr. Brammer (the money guy behind RCTV) and concluded he is a Great Man (while neglecting to ask any questions about his hiring of E. Michael Jones, Sungenis supporter and publisher of such fine works as “The Revolutionary Jew” and various other kooky screeds about Jews tunneling under our houses) insisted in my comboxes there was no reason Brammer could possibly have known about Jones’ anti-Jewish nuttery. Aside from the fact that there’s this thing called “Google” that helps you do background checks pretty easily, there is also this, which a reader sent along:
Here is a business listing for Marc Brammer, with “Ultra Montane Associates, Inc.” E. Michael Jones is the first contact, and Marc Brammer is the second contact.
South Bend, Indiana 46617
(574) 289-9786

  • MARC

  • RUTH

  • 3

  • 31

  • $180,000

According to this business listing for Ultra Montane Associated, Marc Brammer is the VP of Ultra Montane Associates, and Jones is the President. In other words, Brammer is Jones’ employee.
The above contact information corresponds exactly to the contact information for Culture Wars Magazine, the nauseating anti-Semitic rag that E. Michael Jones produces.
Contact information for the magazine, from this page:
Culture Wars • 206 Marquette Avenue • South Bend, IN 46617 • Tel: (574) 289-9786 • Fax: (574) 289-1461
In other words, the combox defenders of Brammer – who say that Brammer does not know Jones’ real beliefs – are either ignorant or liars.
Dodgier and dodgier.  Beware the Cult of Celebrity, particularly when it rebels against just exercises of episcopal authority.

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