Any priest who writes in quivering obsequieousness

Any priest who writes in quivering obsequieousness January 20, 2012

…is okay in my book:

Greetings from Nawlins’, O Vast & Crimsonly Bearded One,

We in the New Orleans Regional Pit of Doom would be pleased to see a link on your blog to a new Dominican project of the Irish Province:

Dominican Interactive. They have a new post up about St Catherine of Siena.

Yours in quivering obsequiousness,

Fr. Philip Neri, OP

Okay. First “Vast & Crimsonly Bearded One” is great.

Second, OPs rock.

Third… um… something about Rick Perry.

Oh, and one good thing about diabetes is that the new eating patterns are starting to make the pounds drop off. Yay!

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  • Sharon

    What are the new eating patterns?

    • Mark Shea

      A lot less. No sweets. A lot fewer carbs. And more exercise (to resume as soon as the snow lets up).

  • Many thanks for the link, O Benevolent Yeti-like Overlord!

    Even as we converse my own vastness is shrinking due to a diet similar to yours. The First Rule of Fat Club is: eat nothing fun.

    Yours in Sighing Prostration,

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP