More Catholic Democrats Figuring Out…

More Catholic Democrats Figuring Out… January 31, 2012

that our God King is their enemy and holds their faith in contempt.

The Lord thy God King is a jealous god and will have no other gods before him.

Choose you this day whom you will serve. If the LORD is God, serve him. If Obama is God, serve him.

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  • CK

    If the administration was looking to unite “liberal” and “conservative” Catholics … congratulations!

  • Chris

    Can’t wait to see Act II.

    I’ll go out on a limb and say that Obama and Sebelius are in a corner now. They can’t retreat this soon, so I’m assuming they’ll marshal all of their pro-death allies in the press and their various pro-culture-of-death corporate sponsors (read: Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc.) who can provide the propaganda they need.

  • Raul

    I wonder about this statement, “don’t bring up the canard that if Catholic institutions take Caesar’s money, they have to play by Caesar’s rules.”

    Mr. Dreher seems to trivialize its import and relevancy to the matter at hand. By supporting government-sponsored universal healthcare, all of us whether Catholic or otherwise, have to play by ‘Caesar’s rules.’

    This is something that the ‘theorizing’ of ‘the conservative talk shows’ has tried to make clear to the populace at large even prior to the ‘God King’s’ election.

    How long before the ‘prophets’ are vindicated? Well, if the scriptures have taught us anything, it will only be when it is too late to recognize their collective wisdom. Unless, of course, we are modern-day Ninevah…

    • Chris

      The only way universal healthcare works is if everyone is forced to “buy in”. That in itself is unconstitutional. By crossing that line, the floodgates are open. The WH is working off of the starting point that the gov’t is empowered to compel the public to buy/pay for products and services the gov’t has decided you and I need to pay for. If the challenge to the healthcare mandate falters, then freedom of religion becomes an automatic casualty, since all constitutional rights are automatically weakened dramatically.

      The WH is putting this forward because it believes it will prevail on the mandate: in effect, (if you can wrap your mind around this) executive mandate becomes more constitutional than the Constitution itself. i.e., ‘We can force you to pay for coverage, so there’s no more logical argument against allowing opt-outs on what is covered.” The First Amendment becomes a toothless old hag almost overnight.

      • John C

        Question: If the state can force you to buy car insurance, why can it not force you to buy health insurance? Just askin’, because I don’t know the answer.

        • John, no one is forced to buy car insurance until he/she buys a car. No one is required by law to buy a car, therefore, not everyone is required to buy car insurance. Under B.O.Care everyone is required to buy health insurance.

          Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  • Confederate Papist

    Hey…I got an idea. Why doesn’t the Catholic Church sell unhealthy hamburgers and fries like McDonald’s so they can get the same exemption they did! Or make solar panels? Is the Pope-mobile and electric car?

    May be on to something here…..


    • Confederate Papist

      Forgive me for making light….this whole situation, though not surprising, is still so surreal.

  • Chad Myers

    Somehow I’m doubtful that this is at all a controversy for liberal Catholics who voted for Obama. I’m guessing they support contraception and ignore the Church’s teaching (or consider it outdated) and think that the Bishops’ response is at best overly dramatic, at worst “hateful to women” and they will probably side with Obama.

    Think I’m too pessimistic? Look at who currently heads the DHHS – Kathleen Sebelius, a *Catholic* from Kansas.

    I’m assuming that this will probably end up in SCOTUS at some point, so it’ll also be interesting to see how the various Catholic justices respond to this attack.

    • Joseph

      Well, Chad. Surpsingly, SCOTUS voted unanimously against the Admin’s own who wanted to make the government the arbiter of who becomes an ordained priest and who doesn’t. If it does go to the SCOTUS, I have a bit of confidence that they will strike this down too. It may not be unanimous, but it is a matter of religious liberty and the other ruling, though on an issue that wasn’t completely connected, set precedence.