Our God King Manages to lose the vote…

Our God King Manages to lose the vote… January 26, 2012

…of one of the bellwethers of Lefty Catholic thought, Michael Sean Winters, over at the Reporter. He writes a blistering indictment of the feckless arrogance of the President. Better late than never. Between stripping us of habeas corpus and trampling religious liberty, I’ve been waiting for lefties to say something. Nice to see *some* bleats of protest.

Indeed, even the loyal Morning’s Minion is finding his faith in Obama shaken.

When Obama spits in the faces of those guys, and of all the Progressives who took seriously his bushwah about respect for Catholic social teaching, religious liberty, and human values, you know he’s really screwed up. I hope the backlash grows rather than dies down and gets replace with docile fearmongering about how they need to support him anyway because the Enemy is so much worse, blah blah. Lefties, like Righties, need to think different about the moral act of voting.

On a related note, one reader wrote to ask:

With the latest US government demands, I was wondering whether they are actually trying to create an enemy to unify against, specifically by trying to reawaken anti-Catholic hysteria. With an election approaching, are they hoping to create a new scapegoat, not entirely unlike the rather successful National Socialist methodology awhile back?

I doubt it. I think they are just living inside the bubble of arrogance which assumes that no intelligent person could possibly think differently from themselves. I think they are probably a bit surprised that anybody thinks it’s an issue. After all, most Catholics dissent from Church teaching on contraceptives, so they probably figured they could just drop this draconian hammer and ride out any controversy. In short, I think arrogant blindness rather than some sort of coordinated pogrom is the explanatory factor. These people are utterly confident of their mission to civilize the savages who oppose abortion. But I don’t think they are aiming to create a hysteria against the Church, merely to exploit the all-too-common assumption among many Americans that of course, the Church is opposed to progress, freedom, dreams, etc. Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice in this nation of apostate puritans. But we are no where near Nazi Germany.

That said, they certainly have laid the groundwork for persecution and tyranny with the repeal of habeas corpus via royal fiat, the authorization of murder and indefinite detention on the word of the Dear Leader alone, and this latest move to trample religious liberty. It will take only the right combination of economic, social and political triggers to turn our de jure tyrannical police state into a de facto one. Who will be the designated scapegoats the Dear Leader will select in order to crystallize The People around him will depend on who the Dear Leader is, what precipitates the crisis whereby he euthanizes the last bits of liberty, and what goals he is trying to achieve in consolidating power and crushing opposition as he does so. But our Ruling Class (with our supine “What’s Snooki doing on Jersey Shore?” fat, dumb, and happy help) has come a long way in terms of softening the ground for that. It may well be Catholics who bear the brunt of it, but it may be some other minority instead.

Meanwhile, kudos to Mr. Winters for calling out Obama on his brutal attempt to smash Catholic conscience. I hope every bishop sends a copy of his screed to the White House, along with a directive to every Catholic health care agency in America to ignore the HHS. What’s Obama gonna do? Commit national suicide and shut down the whole Catholic health care system?

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