Our God King Manages to lose the vote…

Our God King Manages to lose the vote… January 26, 2012

…of one of the bellwethers of Lefty Catholic thought, Michael Sean Winters, over at the Reporter. He writes a blistering indictment of the feckless arrogance of the President. Better late than never. Between stripping us of habeas corpus and trampling religious liberty, I’ve been waiting for lefties to say something. Nice to see *some* bleats of protest.

Indeed, even the loyal Morning’s Minion is finding his faith in Obama shaken.

When Obama spits in the faces of those guys, and of all the Progressives who took seriously his bushwah about respect for Catholic social teaching, religious liberty, and human values, you know he’s really screwed up. I hope the backlash grows rather than dies down and gets replace with docile fearmongering about how they need to support him anyway because the Enemy is so much worse, blah blah. Lefties, like Righties, need to think different about the moral act of voting.

On a related note, one reader wrote to ask:

With the latest US government demands, I was wondering whether they are actually trying to create an enemy to unify against, specifically by trying to reawaken anti-Catholic hysteria. With an election approaching, are they hoping to create a new scapegoat, not entirely unlike the rather successful National Socialist methodology awhile back?

I doubt it. I think they are just living inside the bubble of arrogance which assumes that no intelligent person could possibly think differently from themselves. I think they are probably a bit surprised that anybody thinks it’s an issue. After all, most Catholics dissent from Church teaching on contraceptives, so they probably figured they could just drop this draconian hammer and ride out any controversy. In short, I think arrogant blindness rather than some sort of coordinated pogrom is the explanatory factor. These people are utterly confident of their mission to civilize the savages who oppose abortion. But I don’t think they are aiming to create a hysteria against the Church, merely to exploit the all-too-common assumption among many Americans that of course, the Church is opposed to progress, freedom, dreams, etc. Anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice in this nation of apostate puritans. But we are no where near Nazi Germany.

That said, they certainly have laid the groundwork for persecution and tyranny with the repeal of habeas corpus via royal fiat, the authorization of murder and indefinite detention on the word of the Dear Leader alone, and this latest move to trample religious liberty. It will take only the right combination of economic, social and political triggers to turn our de jure tyrannical police state into a de facto one. Who will be the designated scapegoats the Dear Leader will select in order to crystallize The People around him will depend on who the Dear Leader is, what precipitates the crisis whereby he euthanizes the last bits of liberty, and what goals he is trying to achieve in consolidating power and crushing opposition as he does so. But our Ruling Class (with our supine “What’s Snooki doing on Jersey Shore?” fat, dumb, and happy help) has come a long way in terms of softening the ground for that. It may well be Catholics who bear the brunt of it, but it may be some other minority instead.

Meanwhile, kudos to Mr. Winters for calling out Obama on his brutal attempt to smash Catholic conscience. I hope every bishop sends a copy of his screed to the White House, along with a directive to every Catholic health care agency in America to ignore the HHS. What’s Obama gonna do? Commit national suicide and shut down the whole Catholic health care system?

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  • Amy

    “What’s Obama gonna do? Commit national suicide and shut down the whole Catholic health care system?”

    No, just pay (or scare) the boards of directors enough to break ties with the Church.

  • “What’s Obama gonna do? Commit national suicide and shut down the whole Catholic health care system?”

    Actually I think he is banking on the hospitals severing their ties with the Church. This seems to be occurring in a few areas. A devil’s bargain to exchange the funding from the Church to funding from the government.

    • Arnold

      I doubt that the Catholic healthcare entities receive funding from the Church.

      • I meant in terms of donations and official affiliation and the like. What is the Church’s meager donations compared to the money that will come from the healthcare bill? Plus, by severing ties you no longer need to worry about those pesky “moral restrictions.”

  • victor

    Mmmpphhh…ennngggg…..don’twannasayitbutIgottasayit…. can’tttt resssisst…..

    TOLD YOU SO!!!! Four frickin years ago, everybuggy. I. TOLD. YOU. SO.

    There I said it. And it felt kinda good.

    • Confederate Papist

      I don’t recall Mark saying anything to the contrary, but I feel the same way. I knew it was coming….I felt it was coming…the more and more the government and the president said it wasn’t, the more and more I knew it was a lie.

  • Richard C.

    Wow: Bravo to Winters, and Cdl. Mahony too.

    (Usually I’d break out in hives from saying that.)

  • Yep, this move seems to have taken many people by surprise. Folks normally friendly to Obama have been none too happy with this. Including, it should be mentioned, folks who aren’t Catholic but seem to get ‘Catholics first, then us’. This could explain why I see and read people saying they, too, are less than thrilled with the GOP, but may be inclined to vote GOP anyway in the hope that this could stop the forward motion of where this is going. But like Mark says, it isn’t just Catholics who could end up on the chopping block. It could be another minority, and that’s worth considering when looking at the whole picture, including ‘at least they’re on our side’ notions of voting to stop Obama.

    • B.E. Ward

      Until Romney or Gingrich are elected and absolutely nothing is done to roll this back after a good excuse or two.

  • pol

    IF, you had read Politico, you would know that this had much to do with keeping the base firmed up. The White House is NOT worried about the posters on this blog, none were going to vote for the President, anyway. TheyMIGHT be gambling on this, but given what’s happening in Florida right now, I’m NOT so sure that’s a bad bet, DESPITE ALL THE HUFFING AND PUFFING HERE. In a year there may be a way to finesse this. However, there is another side to this as well, and that is all the consolidation of hospitals and their networks. When a Catholic network is the ONLY GAME IN TOWN, you can bet Protestants and non-believers are going to complain if they can’t services they want and may pay for. For instance, a coworker of mine, who isn’t Catholic, is stuck in a Catholic network because there isn’t any other in her area. She and her husband are angry they can’t can’t even get her dr to write a script for birth pills, despite the fact that the dr isn’t Catholic, either. So far, she’s been able to get them from Europe through the internet, but as she asked me “Don’t non-Catholics have rights as well.”

    • Confederate Papist

      They’re not stuck in the Catholic hospital system….they can leave any time they want….they just want the free or reduced services to include “crotch indulgence” which is why they won’t.

      • Confederate Papist

        Or I should say (re-reading what I wrote), “they just want the free or reduced services to include covering them for their ‘crotch indulgence’ otherwise they won’t leave…”

        • pol

          Or because, as she told me, they can’t afford, like most other Americans, to go to the dr without health insurance. By the way, I find your term”crotch indulgence” offensive.
          Also, I guess you could call me a Union or Yankee Papist because my great grandfather marched with Sherman and in MY view they didn’t spend nearly enough time in the South and so does my African-american wife.

          • Andy, Bad Person

            Really? A “Papist” who approves of Sherman’s crimes?

            For what it’s worth, I don’t find “crotch indulgence” offensive at all. It’s simply descriptive.

            • pol

              Yes, I DO heartily approve of Sherman’s “crimes”, which, if you read any real in dept Civil History, you would know was, at least partly overblown. Indeed there are places nowhere near his line of march that claim to have had damage by him. His “total war” theory was correct in that he knew that you must destroy an enemy’s abiltiy to fight back to end a war. Civil War History is a real passion of mine and I have hundred of books about it by the most recognized Civil War Historians, including James McPherson, Gary Gallagher and Mark Grimsley. As a matter of fact, you should read his book, “The Hard Hand of War” for an in depth look look at Union occupation policy in the South. To understand my feelings about this, you have only to look at the southern state govenments that were restored immediately after the war. Their behavious was nothing short of reprehensible and and we’ve been paying the price for it ever since.

              • Confederate Papist

                Your Yankee occupiers took over those state governments and made them the way they were, with the help of the southern scalawags who cared for nothing or no one but themselves.
                If you approve of the way Sherman acted then you must approve of killing old men, women and children, up to and including the blacks who were in this bastard’s path. His hatred was documented in his letters to his wife and his friends.
                This “hero” then set his sights out west to destroy the Plains Indians, which he and his gang almost were completely successful.
                If the crotch indulgence phrase insulted you, I apologise, but my point was actually in defence of the Catholic healthcare system and the war that your president has declared on it.

          • Chris

            Yeah…perhaps they could have stayed long enough to put out the fires they set amongst the houses of non-combatants. Goodness knows the south could have modeled their post war society on wanton destruction and war crimes. I never heard of john wilkes booth setting fire to DC.

            • pol

              Only because he didn’t think of it. He thought of at least 1 goofy plot- to kidnap Lincoln take him to Richmond andn hope to use him as leverage to end the war on Southern terms, including independdnce.
              AND YOU should also read Grimsley’s book. You’d that Union policy left MOST civilians alone EVEN when they were supposed to targeted. Finally, another fun fact, at least of Booths conspiritors was Cathlic as was Dr Mudd, who new research shows actually met Booth on more than occassion although when he treated him, didn’t know about the assination.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    So Catholic healthcare offers her a service she otherwise couldn’t afford, and she and her hubby are pissed at the bennies not being offered?

    And I’d watch the interracial posturing. You are addressing the husband of a Lakota woman. So rather than being merely differently pigmented, they come from actual different cultures.

    But by all means, brag of your loyalty to genocide and slavery. I mean, your nation profited from and tolerated slavery far longer than his people’s short lived attempt at self governance.

    Crotch indulgence crotch indulgence crotch indulgence!!!

    • Oregon Catholic

      It seems to me YOU bring up race in almost every post. My son is Chippewa but I doubt if it’s even on the list of what’s on his mind each day and he certainly doesn’t use his heritage to divide himself from the rest of society. I’m Irish and I don’t go around bringing up English Protestants every chance I get because I have a few more facets to my life than an accident of birth, much as I love my heritage.

    • pol

      MY nation, at least the part of it we came into from Germany in 1839, was a “Free”(though that term isn’t really accurate either) state and there were no Native Americans in when we got here. Mygreat grandfather was a second generation American and German-Americans were among the most loyal during the Civil War, INCLUDING the German communities in Texas, who were persecuted for their loyalty. Likewise, my ancestors were “War Democrats” NOT pro Southern “Copper Heads”. That’s ONE reason why my great grandfather enlisted in the Union Army.

      • Confederate Papist

        It’s your nation all right…NOT mine. You can have your empire and have fun with it. All we ever wanted was to be left alone and Lincoln couldn’t stand not having his tariff money to build his big centralised government.

    • Confederate Papist

      “A Lakota woman”….who, if Sherman had his way would have never been born, by the way Hez!

      Deo Vindice!

      • Micha Elyi

        Really? How so?

      • Hezekiah Garrett

        I really had no idea the role Sherman himself played in the various Plains wars. Not surprising, though. He encamped at Broom’s Valley (HQ at Gaylesville, AL, in the Chesnutt-Webb house) while waiting to see if he could make Georgia Howl, or turn south thru Alabama to the Gulf. Any suggestion that he and his army were less than firebug locusts, or even worse, that Total War (TM) can be countenanced, in his or later forms, just makes me shudder.

        There was not a stalk or reed standing in the whole valley, and the mountainside terraces either, left standing. They consumed, absconded with or destroyed everything they found above ground. Impossible to square with Just Warfare, still the cornerstone of modern warfare, taught in the hallowed halls of Sodom on the Hudson.

        • Confederate Papist

          Many of Sherman’s and Grant’s subordinates were in charge of the “cleansing of the Plains” and when Grant was president, encouraged this quest.

          Ask any Lakota or other tribe that live on reservations how many treaties the US honoured. Why would they still have a grievance today? How would you feel if you were rounded up and forced off of your native land and were made to live somewhere foreign? Not to fear, our faith may the one thing we all have in common as the DC elite force their loyal troops to round us up eventually. HHS and Obama just upped the stakes, didn’t they?

  • deiseach

    “I must say that Humanae Vitae in its entirety reads better, and more presciently, every year. ”

    A line I doubt many would ever have thought to read in “The National Catholic Reporter”.

    • RMW

      Yes, I thought the same thing! I did a double take! Of course, while Winters’ article heartened me and gave me hope that the religious left would abandon Obama for 2012, all I had to do was start reading the comments underneath his article to be convinced otherwise. The majority of Catholics are dissenters with respect to matters of sexual morality and long for the days until the Church recants Humanae Vitae, so it’s sad that we cannot even count on our own to voice outrage against this administration’s trampling on conscience protections.

      • S. Murphy

        But the Reporter’s readers are kind of a special subset. Maybe the average, contracepting, didn’t-think- premarital- sex was a mortal sin parishioner will be able to see the religious freedom issue, unlike the Reporter commenters, who are blinkered by their ideological commitments.

        • Confederate Papist

          Exactly. Reporter readers are true dissenters.

          I can say “guilty” about contraception until I learned that it was against church teaching and then my wife and I stopped it and practised approved methods…can’t remember the name…Bueller?

  • Sandra Miesel

    Entities that try to resist, for example by dropping health coverage entirely, will be hit with fines of $4000 per employee per year. When they don’t pay, their property could be confiscated. They would also be de-certified as recipients for Medicare, Medicaid, etc. etc and lose licenses to operate.

    Soon enough the policies will be required to offer “free abortions,” too. Medical personnel will be required to have training in abortion techniques as a condition of licensing. They will not be allowed to refuse to actually perform abortions either. Such rules have existed in Scandanavia for decades.

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    I wonder if “Sun King” wouldn’t be better. We wouldn’t want to encourage further delusions of grandeur!

    • S. Murphy

      Well, Akhenaten had both covered…

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Contraception and sterilization are not “health care” and don’t form a part of any authentic health care program.

    Fertility is not an injury or a disease; infertility is a medical problem. But contraceptives disable the normal, natural, healthy functioning of a normal, healthy adult body. Whatver you may choose to call it, disabling normal healthy functioning is not “health care.”

  • Joseph

    We all knew it was coming (well, anyone with two brain cells to rub together), but I read MM’s piece on Barf Nova and I don’t think his adoration of his god-king is wavering. He still implicity serves his master, he’s just looking at his doggie-dish for the first time and realizing that he’s been eating his own poo for the last few years. Nevermind that, he’s still going to eat it. Rare specimens like him only end up convincing themselves that their own poo is a 4-course meal rather than betray their lords.

  • Chris

    Theory: Obama is floating a nightmare so he can wake us up in August (before the election) and reassure everyone he’s SENSITIVE to the conscience issue, by pulling the mandate if it appears he’s losing the Catholic left.

    Yes, no, maybe so? I wouldn’t put it past his minions to play the “benevolent” captors by removing a much-feared punishment while keeping our status as hostages to his ideology.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    And since race is a western construction, I think you’re full of it. After commenting regularly, Peggy asked who i was, and obliged her. Oh, I also pointed out the crowd’s bloodlust in one of the recent debates was for the deaths of my relatives. And of course, when insipid right -wingers start worrying about Iran living up to her treaty obligations, I’m pretty much honour bound to snort dirisively.

    But race? Never brought it up in my life. That’s your tarbaby.

    I guess you could call my criticisms of western culture, and America specifically, racial, but that would say more about you than me.

    I make no bones that I think your culture shit the bed 500yrs ago. That’s not racial. That’s just good sense in the face of modernity.

    But let me ask, If he doesn’t think and act as a Chippewa, in what way can he conceivably be Chippewa?

    Being chickamauga doesn’t seperate me from society. It means my society is not your society.
    We don’t share belief about proper family structure or the basis of property. That’s gonna make one stick out like a syphilitic pecker in a short arm inspection.

    I’m cool with that. Sounds like it irks you though.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Now that I am done with the emergency which caused me to truncate my response …

    How are you Irish, Oregon Catholic? You communicate American ideas with American idioms, in an American community.

    Your claim to Irishness,now that sounds racial.

    Using those yardsticks, I am highland Scot, then lowland Scot /Sassenach, then German, then Amerind. But my Scot and English ancestors, at one point or another, abandoned your common culture to throw in with us. And those Germans weren’t able to change us appreciably even as they refused to assimilate, their offspring grew up as Real People anyway.

    The majority of my relatives are like you, while my immediate family remains Indian. We don’t have trouble at family reunions,so it vexes me little, your opinion . But the Church says it is good to imstruct the ignorant.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      All that aside though, since Adaga’kala was Nippising at birth, me and your son share blood of one sort or another. And since Nanny Ollie, his wife, was born Natchee, my ‘greatest ancestors’ aren’t even Cherokee, to use your bloodline race classifications.

      In fact, once you factor out the Shawnee at birth and the Saponi at birth, and the Muskogee at birth, I’m probably barely a drop of Cherokee blood, a mere smudge on my DNA.

      And yet, Broom’s Valley exists.

  • Liz

    So sad to see the comments section under Michael Sean Winters’ article. There is so much dissent from church teaching and such extreme disrespect for the hierarchy. One person even referred to members of the hierarchy as a bunch of “professional virgins,” as if being a virgin and an adult is some type of flaw, thus disqualifying a person from voicing an opinion on anything relating to sexuality. How sad to see virginity so mocked and hated.

  • pol

    I’m sorry Marion, but contraception and sterilization ARE healthcare. Pregnancy CAN be dangerous to a woman’s health. I learned this first hand from my own mother who had six sons( I am the oldest). The Christmas after I turned 10, I remember my mother telling the relatives at Christmas dinner(this was PROBABLY 1962) that she was pregnant again. I remember saying to her that I had over heard her say to someone that the dr told her that she should not have anymore children. Mum looked at me with a sad look on her face and said”That’s right”. My youngest brother was born the following July and was ok(Mum worried about Downs syndrome). HOWEVER, after that her gynocolgist told her with a wink and a nod”YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR PERIODS REGULATED” and placeded her on birth control pills and so with that legalism followed, my parents had no more children. In September of 1969 at the age of 44, Mum had a hysterectomy after a particlularly bad time with fibroid tumors. She later told me that despite having one fallopiann tube left, she still went through hell. I would also point out that she was very petite, only being 5’2″ and having a very small pelvis. All of us were large children. 2 of us were 9 pounds, 2 were 10 and 2 were 8. Mum spent 5 days in the hospital after each burth and another week in bed at home. Life for her was very tough, especially after my dad died of cancer in 1973 at the age of 47. Thanks to her job, Social security and government aid, we made it. My youngest brother was 9. I was 20. She paid off the $40K in hospital bills and the mortgage eventually. I worked my way through college(it took me 10 years to get my BA). Things were very tough financially and to make matters WORSE, the local Catholic grade school that we all had attended made SURE to make my baby brother feel bad about getting government reduced lunches, unlike the older brothers who went to public junior high and high school. HE NEVER FORGOT THAT TREAMENT AND NEITHER HAVE I. Had there been more children, we likely would’ve lost the little we had and other than the house we grew up in, we didn’t have much. After I had married, we a had long talk and Mum told me that she was GLAD that her very Protestant dr had used a “loophole” to keep her from getting pregnant again. As her dr’s told her, because of her physical makeup,EVERY pregnancy was difficult and the latter one acutally dangerous to her health. Mum told me that she was glad that birth control had become more available so that women did not have to go through what she did. We ALL loved Mum until the day she died in April of 2009 at the age of 83 because she was loving straight from the shoulder, one tough cookie who called’em like she saw ’em. Best of all, she REALLY LOVED MY AFRICAN AMERICAN WIFE, who equally loved her. Oh and the last person she voted for for? Barack Hussein Obama. Why? Because he was a Democrat, that’s why.

  • pol

    Oh, and before I forget, unlike my coworker, I DO have access to other health insurance and I’ve made sure to have mine and my wife’s throught the local secular medical school. I want good, ethical care without the ideogology. When I told my coworker and her husband about the comments on this blog, they simply said that this was onemore reason why they’d never consider Catholicism. They just think you’re all crazy and self rightious.

  • Gabriel Austin

    “The majority of Catholics are dissenters with respect to matters of sexual morality”. Anybody have a source for this continually repeated assertion?

    Pol writes of her mother’s difficulties with pregnancy. Would the difficulties not have been avoided had she not copulated? She had not much of a husband if he could not see the trouble he was causing by asserting his marital rights.

    • pol

      Asserted his martial rights? Are you serious? My parents were a very normal couple and I can assure you that my dad NEVER “asserted” his “marital rights”, whatever they are.Their sex life was by mutual consent, NOT by my dad demanding sex. He could’ve demanded all he wanted to and Mum would’ve refused. She was one tough lady and had to be to raise six sons,especially after dad died. NOT MUCH OF HUSBAND? My dad was guy who worked six sometimes 7 days a week, did without a lot did the best he could and taught us that real men weren’t macho jerks. He was a guy who served on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific from 1943 to 1946 and saw 18 months of combat,boxed in the navy, but taught us never to seek a fight and to walk away if at all possible, but stand up for the least, the last and the lost. He was a man who’s word was his bond, a stand up guy. His brother, my uncle was a priest, his sister a nun. My parents never took a vacation except a weekend here and there. They loved to dance and when they were together with other couples, they were the golden couple, the life of the party. And for the 14 months he lived after his terminal diagnsois, I saw just how good their marriage was. THEY REALLY LOVED EACH OTHER. I KNOW WHAT I SAW, A TRUL Y GREAT LOVE STORY. WHERE DO YOU GET THIS STUFF, “MARTIAL RIGHTS”? We were/are a normal family, NOT a bunch of theologians debating in some classroom or parlor. I’ll have to tell my wife about this when she gets home from the office tonight. She’ll have a good laugh about this.
      MOST surveys show Catholics are dissenters on birth control and have been for many years. Anecdotally, I hear it all the time. There ARE some larger families that I know of, but they are wealthier than most other couples I know and live in wealthy upscale suburbs.