Postmodernity = Chaos

Postmodernity = Chaos January 27, 2012

As America devolves toward the English model in which all religions are equally superior to the Catholic faith, (on the way to persecuting the Faith), we find more and more confusion as different people crib stuff from the Catholic faith, declare it to be the Important Thing, and use it as a weapon against the rest of the Faith. In the process, you periodically find people flatly contradicting each other, if only they can also contradict the Faith.

So last week, we heard from this guy, who wants to keep Jesus and get rid of religion:

Meanwhile, you have this guy, who wants to get rid of Jesus and keep religion:

The former video advocates sawing Jesus in two in order to liberate his Spirit from his Body, the Church. The latter wants to tie strings to a corpse, make it twitch and dance, and pretend it’s alive.

Fr. Robert Barron, as is his custom, provides humane common sense:

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