Stupid ads

Stupid ads January 5, 2012

Do me a favor. I don’t always see some of the more outrageous junk that gets posted in the ad feed for this site (an unfortunate accompaniment of sites that are trying to remain financially viable). When some gross ad like the one for Roman orgies shows up in the stupid ad feed, could you copy the URL and send it to our web elves at

Much obliged.

"It is great website, thanks for pointing it out."

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  • Is it only Roman orgies you object to or would Saxon orgies or Persian orgies also qualify?

    About the financial viability of Catholic websites, I recently wrote thus:

  • kenneth

    Have the web elves forward it to me too! I’ll throw myself on those lascivious wenches like a selfless marine diving on a grenade to save his platoon! I may have my disagreements with Catholicism, but I would do that to save my former co-religionists from the near occasion of sin and scandal. Yessir, I would do that for you my brothers!

    Actually I have to say the ads I’ve seen are for the most part very well tuned to the blogs. I suppose any set of logarithms has its weaknesses though. I can imagine where a program would key in on how many times “Rome” comes up on a Catholic blog, and then, well, the old phrase “when in Rome” varies considerably with several thousand years of different contexts!

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    What about bean-up-noses orgies? In which toga-clad participants of both sexes impertinently and delectaciously manhandle favas, chickpeas, limas, kidneys, and every other sort of bean imaginable in a promiscuous promenade of bean-nose close contact?

    I am shocked –shocked – to learn that beans are going up noses here!

    • kenneth

      A bean fetish? Man, I thought I was a freak! Deep down, I know there’s a web site for that very thing, and probably a whole online (and realspace) community dedicated to it. And even I am much too afraid to punch that one into a search engine!

    • Kudos to you for this wonderful word: delectaciously. Even if spell checker doesn’t like it, I will savor it until I find a use for it myself.

  • deiseach

    You lot get ads for Roman orgies? What shows up on my browser is diet and wrinkle ads. Obviously, our computer overlords know I’m too old and past it for any of the fun stuff.


  • Laura Kazlas

    I’ve seen ads for gun ownership too. Even if guns are legal in our country, it still bothers me to see them promoted on a catholic website. Some things are out of your control, especially if someone else is managing your advertisements. But, I’m glad you are speaking up about the problem and trying to do something about it. It might take a while to get the ads stopped, but it’s worth the effort in the long run.

  • Nick

    I received an ad for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is relevant to my interests.

    For what it’s worth, with Google’s (and other companies) ad personalizing policy, people receive ads based half on what site they’re on, and half on what they have been reading/searching for recently, which might drastically bias some peoples ads though no fault of your own.

    • Mama K

      What he says.

      I’m seeing an ad for shoes right now. . . and yes, I’ve been shoe shopping on the internet!

  • hernan

    Perhaps you should consider placing your photo not just below the add, eg this one was a little creepy.