Uh Oh

Uh Oh January 10, 2012

A reader, who poses as a faithful Catholic but who is no doubt a member of the Conspiracy of Damn Libruls motivated solely by hatred of the Faith, America and babies, writes:

I thought you might be interested to know that Marc Brammer, the Opus Dei supernumerary who funds RealCatholicTV, is starting a new think tank, the Institute for New Media, for which he plans to hire E. Michael Jones.
Yes, that E. Michael Jones. The one who claims St. Paul’s authority when he calls Jews “enemies of the entire human race.” Brammer’s fondness for him perhaps helps to explain why he funds videos like Voris’s SSPX-style rant claiming the Jews are a race, not a religion.
Brammer made this announcement in a radio interview in October 2011–you can hear him mention Jones at 45:55:


It sounds like Brammer, at the time of this interview, was already planning his exit strategy from RealCatholicTV. If you continue listening after 45:55, you will hear him explain that the Institute for New Media will not quote the Bible or the Catechism, and so–he says this explicitly–it will not need to be under the jurisdiction of abishop. At about 54 minutes in, he says that this institute will be in the form of an Internet content-delivery platform, a la RealCatholicTV.

I recommend listening to the interview in its entirety, as Brammer describes his Opus Dei membership, his friendship and financial support of Voris, and his planned new institute in great detail. Among other things, he claims to have a mandate from the Vatican to first “purify” the Church and then change the world. He also says that his new institute will explore how to reform capitalism, and he sees a connection between Islamic banking and Catholic social teaching.
About 50 minutes into the interview, Brammer goes into detail about why it is not in his interest to be in a bishop’s jurisdiction. He believes he can have more influence on people without having to work within the institutional church.

Some of us see the development of a completely unaccountable lay “ministry” that delivers itself of crackpot opinions about Jews and labors to make sure that the bishop cannot rein it in is not an altogether happy development in American Catholic life. After all, such a thing has never happened before. So of course, my reader’s concern is only explicable by the one size fits all “It’s a Conspiracy by Damn Libruls to Silence the 100% Orthodox Truthtellers” template. It couldn’t possibly be that Conservative Folk Heros pose a danger to the Church’s witness.

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  • Tim

    Sounds like Mr. Jones may have a future as a Ron Paul newsletter writer.

  • Ryan Ellis

    I sure wish that Abp. Vigneron would step up and lead here. It’s his “chancery gone wild” that led to this in the first place. Where’s the bishop?

  • Andy

    I find it interesting in following this “dust-up” about Mr. Voris that people who support Voris either attack the bishop of AOD or say that this is a result of the chancery run amok or that Mr. Voris’ presentations are more in line with what the church teaches and so it must be the damn liberals out to destroy the church. This is not the first time that Mr. Voris’ has not received favor from church officials. I would guess knowing how organizations work that memebers of the chancery would not make these kinds of pronouncements without the bishop’s knowledge and approval.
    Is it possible that what or how Mr. Voris teaches does not line up with what the church demands of ministries in its name? Is it possible that this is the result of RCT being a for profit organization is causing other kinds of problems? I guess what I am saying is that why attack the officials of the church – in the immediate past they, the bishops have acted with reason and have been shown to be right.

  • victor

    In all fairness, if you truly are More Catholic Than The Pope, what else can you do? 😛

    • Oregon Catholic

      LOL. Start his own Church?

      • victor

        We can’t ALL be Pope Michael I, though, can we? 🙂

  • “He believes he can have more influence on people without having to work within the institutional church.”

    And thus we enter the first phase of history.

    • Sal

      Taking a page from Corapi’s playbook, is he?
      This will not end well.

  • T_Burnham

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on this one Mark.

    As an atheist I really appreciate and enjoy this blog. You do a good job in bringing down Catholic hypocrites and show how flawed, foolish (as well as dangerous) the Catholic faith really is. Many other atheists really love this blog.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to future updates on this story as well as shining the lights on other shady religious Catholic fanatics.

    • Mark Shea

      Mhm. I’m afraid I don’t believe you. One of the little tricks I’ve run into in the past is the guy posing as the atheist/lefty/proabort whatever who writes this sort of stuff in order to insinuate I’m the best friend of The Enemy. Real atheists tend to get mad at me. Give me some evidence. Otherwise, I think you are a liar (and a particularly low form of liar). If I’m wrong, I apologize. But somehow I don’t think I am. And, by the way, if you are a Catholic posing as an atheist to embarrass me, be aware that you have not only tried to bear false witness but have denied your Savior in order to do it. You might want to rethink that strategy.

      On the off chance you really are an atheist, you should really learn to think (since you guys are always busy worshipping the intellect). Showing that a couple of people are out to lunch and in dissent from Catholic teaching is not showing how the teaching they dissent from is flawed or foolish.

      • Ray Toelstedt

        Respectfully Mark:

        I don’t get mad at you and neither do the other atheists I know. Most believe we are working for the same goal. For me this is because we are both of good will. For others, it is because you undermine and corrupt the theocracy.

        The point is, the world will be a better place when it is rid of religious extremists of all stripes.

        Have you noticed that Jones the racist is now quoting the pope’s uncle everywhere he goes?

        Leave his buried!

  • T_Burnham

    I am atheist and I appreciate this site. I do not know if you are a real believer or not and that is besides the point. You do a good job exposing Catholicism. I also appreciate that there is very little actual religion on this site and you focus on the shortcomings of others and exposing them. I don’t frequent religious sites but I really like this one.

    • Mark Shea

      Mr Burnham (if that’s your name):

      As a Catholic devotee of RealCatholic TV, it should really trouble your conscience that you are not only bearing false witness against another in order to defend your Folk Hero, but actually denying your Lord and Savior by pretending to be an atheist in order to do it. That it apparently does not bother your conscience is (or should be) a big warning signal that something is wrong. It should also trouble you that this sort of underhanded tactic does not exactly burnish the reputation of RealCatholic TV and its devotees. Sin does indeed make you stupid.

  • Kevin

    hypocrites = faith. I love that false statement. It’s like exceptions = rules.

    • Mark Shea

      The best part: Burnham isn’t an atheist. He’s a Voris fan who imagines that by lying he can make his hero look good. Amazing.

      • DB

        It would not surprise me to discover that Burnham is indeed a fraud, but just declaring this to be so does not make it so. Please provide your evidence.

        Also, Burnham’s “straw man/generalization-type” praise of you is indeed laughable, but also laughable is your cheap shot approach at many who appreciate most of the work of Mr. Voris without necessarily believing him to be our folk hero, etc. Amazing.

        • Mark Shea

          I said nothing about others who regard Voris as a folk hero. The evidence is the transparently veiled hostility of his penultimate sentence. Come on. “Lots of atheists” read this blog with admiration because of their burning interest in the hothouse orchid Michael Voris and his fans? Give me a break. He is a big deal in a very small pond of conservative Catholics. Most atheists have never heard of him. This is a transparent fraud.

  • I am Dennis O’Donovan. I conducted the interview with Marc Brammer mentioned above. How any loyal Catholic could possibly have listened to the interview and come away thinking anything other than Marc Brammer is one of the great Catholic men among us who is going to do something great for The Church and the country is beyond me. What Mr. Brammer will do with the Institute for New Media is right out of Pope John Paul II’s Encyclical Fides et Ratio. Although I do not know him personally, it is clear to me that Marc Brammer is a great man engaging in a much needed undertaking for the good of the country and The Church in America. The Institute for New Media is the logical outgrowth of a rock solid Catholic American man who has Marc Brammer’s life experiences and deep religious Faith. I caution everyone to not judge either Marc Brammer or the Institute for New Media without first hearing the interview. Pause it from time to time and reflect on what he says and then continue. Perhaps the fact that Marc Brammer is coming under attack, as did Ignatius Loyola and Teresa of Avila before the Spanish Inquisition, might add further proof of his bona fides. Do not let others do your thinking for you. Listen to the interview and judge for yourself at: http://rpconradio.com/?s=brammer.

    • Mark Shea

      Yes. To so much as question a conservative folk hero for buddying up with the author of “The Revolutionary Jew” is to persecute a living saint. Indeed, to question him is to *prove* he is a living saint. Obviously, this is all part of the damn librul conspiracy, as all questioning of conservative folk heros always is. No other explanation is even conceivable.

    • DB

      Well-stated, Dennis. Alas, Mr. Shea prefers to engage in ad hominem attacks, and his own style of straw man arguments in order to characterize you as a crackpot in your own right.

      You clearly and prudently advise people to judge for themselves, but note how Mr. Shea turns that into an alleged criticism of doing such judging by purposely mischaracterizing your entire approach, and then lumping you in with Mr. Shea’s favorite whipping boy of the unthinking traditionalist.

      Also, according to Mr. Shea, comparing attacks on Brammer to attacks on the Saints is evidence that you already declared Brammer to be a Saint when you did no such thing (unless bona fides is somehow equal to Sainthood). You see the approach? Instead of perhaps calling into question the wisdom of the comparison if he believes it to be inappropriate, Mr. Shea determines that you are not worthy of such intellectual honesty and respect because Mr. Shea has already judged you guilty of being an unthinking traditionalist.

      Mr. Shea sure is brilliant, isn’t he? 🙂

      Keep up the good work, Dennis.


      • Mark Shea

        I said nothing about traditionalism or traditionalists. Funny you should assume that O’Donovan is one. i don’t, because Jones isn’t one. I point out what is true: Jones writes crackpot screeds about Jews. Brammer should know better. Donovan defends them. That *you* intuit a connection between kooky screeds about Jews and Traditionalism when I have said nothing about this is a commentary on you, not on what I wrote.

    • I don’t know if you are Donovan or not, but what’s with you and Voris all wanting to act like beleaguered crusaders for Truth on the way to Martyrdom? Brammer’s a rich guy, who has money to promote his own agenda and form multiple layers of shielding for his business interests. He might be a stellar human being, but he’s certainly no saint. He spends a lot of “your” interview canonizing Voris (through whom he makes much profit). I saw that video answering him that references Brammer’s interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sDlzdknd9U) and it sure sounds like he was misleading everybody in the Lifesitenews story.

      You’re compared him to Saint Theresa? Srsly?

  • Mark, did you listen to the entire interview? Perhaps Marc Brammer did not hire an investigator to perform a lifelong investigation of each and every person with whom he associates. Do you? Jesus associated with sinners. Following your ‘logic’, I guess we should question Him, also.

    • Mark Shea

      One would have to be a complete ignoramus to not know about Jones’ kooky and dangerous fulminations about Jews. In which case, Brammer’s judgment and your endorsement of him as a Great Man is seriously in doubt since great men don’t go around hiring kooks who write “The Revolutionary Jew” without doing a little vetting first. Yes, Jesus dined with sinners. He also told them, “Go and sin no more”. Do we have any evidence at all that Jones has retracted his kooky views about Jews? Any evidence that Brammer has denounced those kooky views? Or do Folk Heros get a pass on that stuff? Meanwhile, do you actually believe that banana oil about the Conspiracy you were suggesting when you said that the “attacks” have to be due to hatred of his sanctity? is there no conservative Catholic who can account for criticisms of his Folk Hero without resorting to Conspiracy Theories?

    • Andy

      I did listen to the entire interview – I heard nothing in the interview that says that Mr. Brammer is “one of the great Catholic men who will do something great for the church…”. Instead I heard a person who feels that he is on a mission to create a perfected church and country. I heard nothing in the interview that gives me any sense that he is undergoing what Ignatius of Loyola or Teresa of Avilia went through – I also Mr. O’Donovan see nothing that suggests that Mr. Brammer is in any way facing the Spanish Inquisition.
      Whenever a folk hero or want to be folk hero says s/he is going to save the church I run the other way. I fear that saving the church, to me, sounds like delusions of grandeur.
      As far as his relationship with Mr. Jones – I for one do not read a great deal of the “fringe” literature that is available from Catholics of all stripes. What is most scary to me is that I have heard of Mr. Jones and his beliefs about the Jews, and the Jewish faith. If I were starting an enterprise that was going to save the church then I would damn well know all there is to know about each person who is on the ground floor.
      Given what I know of John Paul II I can not imagine that he would be slightly supportive of this individual _ Mr. Jones – and to say that Mr. Brammer is following what John Paul II taught is at best ludicrous.
      I am sure there comments will make me a liberal, and if so I will embrace that label, as the church I love is open to all, and preaches respect for all based on their dignity because they are humans made in the image of God.

      • Mark Shea

        Whenever a folk hero or want to be folk hero says s/he is going to save the church I run the other way.

        People who believe themselves anointed to “save” a Church that already has a Savior strike me as rather missing the point of the Church–and of the Savior. Ain’t our job to save the Church. Our job is to be saved by Jesus through the Church.

        • Andy

          I agree completely – I wish I would have written that, but I am dumbfounded by the presentation of Mr. Brammer as anything but what he is and I am not sure what that is.

        • kinda like St Francis, I suppose.

    • Dan C

      Yes. Jesus dined with sinners-but this was a very different class of people than E. Michale Jones. They were prostitutes (like our prostitutes today), they were impure tax collectors (think employee of Planned Parenthood), and they were the poor and lame.

      E. Michael Jones would be more typical of a Pharisee, another group of folks Jesus is depicted of dining with. He was very different in approach to these folks in his career.

  • Mark, assuming you are right in your assertion, and you are not, then there are a lot of ignorami out there. Also, you are the only person on this thread who has used the term conspiracy. I think one would have to be a complete ignoramus to not know what projection is, but assuming you do not, look it up. It applies to you.

    • Mark Shea

      Yes, but all those other ignorami aren’t hiring Jones. Brammer is. It’s not like you couldn’t find all this stuff out with a simple Google search. So continue to defend your Great Man beset by Dark Forces and somehow the equal of Ignatius or Teresa because people pointed out certain facts about him.

      And you conclude with a Pee Wee Herman Tu Quoque. Nice.

      • DB

        Since when does bona fides equal sanctity? Excellent straw man, Mr. Shea. Brilliant indeed.

    • Dan C

      I would presume your interview was not a hagiography, with you fawning over your subject as an indication of some minor worship? You did ask him about anti-semitism, didn’t you?

  • DB

    By the bye, just for clarification sake, Mr. Shea, did you get permission for using the word Catholic in the name of this blog? Please provide the evidence.

    • Mark Shea

      No. It never occurred to me. But as I have already said, if my bishop tells me he doesn’t want me to call it that, I will change the name.

      • Ray Toelstedt

        Why would he bother CAEI? It’s only read by atheists


  • This has been a very enlightening on one hand, and very disappointing thread on the other. Enlightening in the sense that it provides a window into a certain mindset. Disappointing, in what is revealed. This seems to be a discussion among people regarding an interview that none of the participants in the discussion, except myself, have heard. However, rather than stop anyone from making unfounded statements, this seems to embolden. Regarding responses to the comments I have made and, by the way, I heard the interview – I conducted it, virtually none are on point. Almost all involve straw men and non sequiturs. Let’s look at this from Dan referring to me. Dan C says:
    “I would presume your interview was not a hagiography, with you fawning over your subject as an indication of some minor worship? You did ask him about anti-semitism, didn’t you?” Are you serious? I never met Marc Brammer before the interview. I have interviewed many, many, people and to the best of my recollection have never asked any of them about anti-semitism. Why would I ask that of Marc Brammer? Oy ve! Pray for wisdom.

    • Dan C

      Why ask that? Because he is hiring a man who has made anti-semitism his mark on Catholicism. Such is what a little research will do.

      “Be as wise as serpents….”

      Why would one show some objective rationality? Because the experience of conservative, Catholic megamillionaires and their particular designs as far as academic empires and development empires suggests the reasonable man may want to question actions a little more closely.

  • Henry Karlson


    I think they have some interesting points which are often neglected here.

    • Tim

      Is this website devoted entirely to investigating RealCatholicTV?

      That must be the lamest website on the internet (and that’s a pretty high standard of lame).

  • Sandra Miesel

    People unfamiliar with E. Michael Jones might wish to take a look at his website http://www.culturewars.com and sample some his old articles available there. Did Mr. Brammer investigate his new hire first? If he did and still hired Jones, what does that say about his project?

    • Mark Shea

      Brammer and Jones know each other very well it turns out. Indeed, ULTRA MONTANE ASSOCIATES has the same address as Culture Wars.

    • Ray Toelstedt

      Dr. Miesel:

      If you still reside in Indiana, could you gives us some insight in to what the witch community thinks of Jones?

      Ray the Atheist

  • Marie

    Mr. O Donovan,

    I listened to that interview a few weeks ago, in full.

    The minute Mr. Brammer mentioned E.Michael Jones, I knew this would cause problems. While Jones words and actions at Notre Dame were laudable, his views about the Jews are questionable at best. While wiki is not the most reliable source it is a good starting point.


  • hboitel

    Is it a heresy to speculate as to whether God has free will, i.e., if God is perfect, must He always do the perfect thing, or can He (is He able to) choose to take a path that is less than perfect?

  • Mark

    I listened to the whole interview, and it did not seem clear to me that Brammer was saying that the Vatican gave RCTV some kind of mission to purify the Church so the Church can transform the world. His could have meant that the Vatican (the Holy See, really) has given the Catholic faithful (and he and Voris are among these) the mission of purifying the Church so the Church can transform the world. And this, we know, is the case. It is called the new evangelization. As for having an organization that is “unaccountable” to the Church authorities, it sounds like what Brammer is talking about is a media educational initiative run by Catholics but involving and directed to Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and not promoting the Catholic faith directly but through the promotion of truth not directly religious but consonant with a Catholic worldview and inspired by the faith. Brammer said he wanted to get dialogue going on issues like capitalism, and that Islamic economics can enlighten this issue. This sounds like it could be a very good thing: an example of lay Catholics trying to leaven the secular world for the cause of Christ through media productions that engage dialogue with all kinds of viewpoints, including other religions. Merely to recognize that promoting the cause of Christ without teaching the faith itself nor using the title “Catholic” gives one more wiggle room in regards to Church authority when expressing viewpoints and opinions is not suspicious behavior, and it is very different from a religious like Fr. Corapi, who it seems fled Church oversight for different reasons.
    Jones, in my view, on the other hand, makes things feel sketchy. I actually spoke to him once about things related to his book (which I have not read) and felt (so far as I could tell from the conversation, in which I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt) that some of his ideas might (maybe????) be capable of being integrated into a more humane perspective. His motivation and intensity concerning the subject, however, I was unable to understand, and it was these more than anything that make me uneasy.

  • stephen

    Mark Shea…I watch Real Catholic TV rather then read your nasty blog…does that mean I’m an extremist who thinks that Michael Voris wants to be the Pope?