Business Insider reminds us…

Business Insider reminds us… February 20, 2012

…that the reason Catholics oppose artificial contraception is not “because bishops are sexual retards with an irrational opposition to an obvious good” but because artificial contraception is to sex what the vomitorium is to eating: an unnatural and deranged assault on nature, love, and fruitfulness. It has been a poison and a cancer (both physically and spiritually) on our culture.

My own take is here.

So the Church’s opposition to birth control is not that it is ritually wrong, like a Jew having to eat pork or a Muslim having to touch a dog, but morally wrong: something destructive to the human person regardless of religion, creed, or nationality. Even so, the Church does not go around trying to outlaw it for people who insist on damaging themselves. She merely says that she refuses to help underwrite it. And even that is not enough for the secular totalitarians of the Obama Administration.

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