Chaput to all Freedom-Loving Americans

Chaput to all Freedom-Loving Americans February 6, 2012


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  • Thomas R

    I was pleased to read of the Orthodox Christians joining in too. Both there and in the following.

  • Hermann

    Chapeau! to Chaput!


  • Confederate Papist

    HHS Sebelius was in Tampa last week touting and promoting this atrocity calling it an “equalisation of women’s healthcare needs” (my words…I cannot remember her exact words.

    These people in the government are traitors. Anyone who thinks the USA is a constitutional republic is fostering folly.

  • The Deuce

    Man, the Obama administration has been accelerating the pace of new outrages against religious freedom to an almost weekly basis now!

    I’m convinced at this point that the only real difference between our secularists and the monsters who ran and sometimes continue to run places like the USSR, China, North Korea, etc, is the amount of power they wield. Undoubtedly most of them would call that a slanderous overreaction because they haven’t advocated killing, imprisoning, or fining us for dissent (yet, in this country – the same can’t be said for Canada or Sweden or Britain or…), but I haven’t yet seen an opportunity to stomp on religious freedom that the secularists haven’t embraced with gusto, almost to a man. Their only limit appears to be what they can get away with.

  • Sharon M

    I always thought he was a shill for the neo-cons and poorly advised on TOB but he deserves praise for this.
    People change

    • Scott W.

      Bishop Chaput has always acted is if the Catholic faith was really true and not something to be kept between one’s ears alone.

      • SDG

        What Scott W said.

  • Frank Weathers

    UPDATE: 1,340 signed the petition yesterday, on Super Bowl Sunday. Help get the word out, por favor.

  • Anybody see that Obummer said yesterday that he deserves a second term, and that the “job isn’t done”

    Yeah, I have to agree. I mean, our country still exists now, but another four years of Obummer and the good old USA will have kicked the bucket, and then the job will be done.

    • Joseph

      I don’t like Obama. He stands against just about everything I stand for. I didn’t vote for him in 2008 because I could see this danger coming from a mile away. Practically everything he’s done was predicted by dozens of others, including priests and Catholic bloggers. He hasn’t surprised me at all.

      BUT, I have to ask you this. What makes you think that any of the other clowns won’t lead us down the path of self-destruction so carefully constructed by our current president and the several before him? Newt, Mitt, Rick?

      • When did I say they wouldn’t? I think the guys you mentioned would be better than Obama, but not enough better to really turn things around. The guy you DIDN’T mention might have a shot to turn it around, though.