Did an Interview the Other Day

Did an Interview the Other Day February 17, 2012

on The Work of Mercy with Kris McGregor for the Spirit Catholic Radio Network.

You can listen to it here.

Speaking of which, one happy listener to the audiobook version of The Work of Mercy (which you can get on CD here or download as an MP3 here) writes:

I had to drive to Cincinnati last week so I decided to listen to your audio book. Yikes! I think I’ve finally stopped the bleeding. I was cut to the heart in the best of ways by your words. Thanks for shining the spotlight on these works that are so close to the heart of Christ and the Church. And thanks for taking a good poke at my own self-righteousness. It’s an excellent book, and I think particularly good in the audio. You have a gift with words and a gift for using your voice to place emphasis and to draw the listener in. I hope many people will have a conversion of heart, attitude and action.

To which I can only reply, “Gawrsh! Thanks!”

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