Elizabeth Hillgrove…

Elizabeth Hillgrove… February 15, 2012

…is a delightfully thoughtful young blogger who refuses to simple submerge her Catholic faith in the memes and shibboleths of the Dems or the GOP and pretend that’s good enough. More like her please.

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  • Will

    As I read about her “inquisitor”, I could not help thinking of Monty Python and the JPF “Fully trained suicide squad.”

  • Babs

    Ah yes, “the juvenile belief that we can do better.” Me likes it.

  • As I am a recovering “keel zem all” type conservative, I enjoyed the article/post.

    • RMW

      Funny, since I’m a fully recovered liberal, I didn’t enjoy it or the comments below the post that made it seem like conservatives are just as bad as liberals. I’m sorry, but I’ve worked for the dark side, and, in my view, the evils of contemporary liberalism cannot even begin to be compared to the flaws of the right. So, in my view, putting both in the same category by Catholics in an attempt to be “balanced” or “enlightened” is incredibly wrong-headed and betrays a willful ignorance about where the left in this country intends to take us.

  • Mark,

    I love that you do such a good job highlighting emerging young Catholic bloggers. I’ve benefited from it immensely, back in my salad days, and I know that numerous other Catholic bloggers can say the same. It’s both a good model of humility and “paying it forward,” and a good way of showing Christ’s love.

    After all, at the core of the mystery of Christ’s Sovereignty is that, while He’s worthy “to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise” (Rev. 5:12), He seems to take a supreme delight in bestowing these goods on us, His unworthy followers. It’s why we Catholics delight in Mary and the Saints so much: they’re a great way of seeing God’s love.

    This is an area that I think you do a good job: instead of making your blog all about you, you use it to promote others. So please, keep on modelling Christ, and keep on highlighting the work of emerging Catholic bloggers! God bless.