Food Sacrificed to Moloch

Food Sacrificed to Moloch February 16, 2012

So a little food distribution co-op in Green Bay, Wi turned down a donation from Murder, Inc (aka Planned Parenthood). I see no reason given why, but then they don’t owe anybody a reason. For my part, if the local mob sent Guido the Enforcer with a gift, I would politely refuse it for two reasons:

First, I don’t want my food bank being used to make the Mob look good.

Second, I don’t want Guido coming back and demanding quid pro quo. We’ve already seen that Murder Inc. has such a raging sense of entitlement that even when somebody withholds voluntary donations they roll out the media machine to destroy them till the victim of the shakedown coughs up the purely voluntary donations as though they were welching on a debt. That was the lesson learned by Komen when they tried to check out of the roach motel that is the Planned Parenthood shakedown machine. Donors go in, but they do not come back out.

So Paul’s Pantry declined the donation. At which point, Murder Inc. and its minions revved up the shakedown machine. Beginning with the good solid lie that Paul’s pantry “apparently” believed that food donations from PP contained fetuses, the Daily Kos then goes on to document its own lie:

One of the facebook commenters called and she had this to report
……….”.I just got off of the phone with someone at Paul’s Pantry (the third person I was connected to). We spoke for awhile, but ultimately it came down to a few things (1) he said that they have the right to refuse to send their truck anywhere; (2) he refuses to send their truck to an organization that “kills babies” and isn’t supported by 90% of Paul’s Pantry’s donors; and (3) the office is more than willing to accept the donations if they are brought directly there.

The Daily Kos then goes on to direct a harrassment campaign of bullying abuse against the Pantry. Why? Not because they care about the people the Pantry serves (because the Pantry will take private donations) but because the Pantry does not wish to be associated with the bloody-handed murderers of PP or appear in any way to lend them credibility. This is more protection racket bullying from Murder Inc. and their minions. If you want to support a valiant witness to life, here’s their website. Go send them some moral and financial support in the face of Murder Inc’s leg-breaking goons.

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