Obama May be Losing the Catholic Left…

Obama May be Losing the Catholic Left… February 7, 2012

…over his HHS tyranny. Here’s hoping.

The question for conservative Catholics is, “Are you willing to accept the help of Catholics who voted for Obama last time in defeating this draconian act of tyranny or are you so bent on settling scores that you would rather drive such people back into the arms of people like Pelosi and Patrick Whelan of Catholic Democrats, who will tell them they are being good Catholics by settling for this tyranny?”

The blazing, blindingly, stupefyingly obvious thing to do is to welcome the Obama supporter who opposes this tyrannical law. The stupid thing to do is to waste a lot of time on recriminations for his having voted for Obama. People respond much better to “Welcome! Let’s get to work!” than they do to “You stupid moron. How could you have voted for Obama?”

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