Since I criticized him below….

Since I criticized him below…. February 7, 2012

it’s only fair to say that Fr. Z is perfectly right to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war against the Pelosis and Patrick Whelans of the world who only labor to prolong the lie that Obama’s tyranny against the Church is somehow compatible with Catholic conscience and freedom.

It is precisely because these conscienceless liars exist and are bidding fair to lead the mushy middle astray that Catholic lefties with a conscience who are withdrawing their support from Obama (or threatening to) should be embraced and encouraged, not ostracized by those of us who recognize the danger of the HHS mandate.

"do you believe homosexual conduct is sinful?"

If Isaiah were writing today
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If Isaiah were writing today
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If Isaiah were writing today

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  • Pelosi is vile. Simply vile. With this latest outrage, could not Archbishop Niederauer or Cardinal Wuerl at last find the sack to bar her from Holy Communion?

    • Joseph

      Well, they are the bishops. It is at their discretion. Though I do agree with you that Pelosi is vile (and I think it shows in her increasing ugliness… have you noticed that she looks more and more like Skeletor every day?), I’m no one to scream “excommunicated!” to her. Based on her public stance against so many Catholic teachings, one can easily presume that she is “materially” excommunicated. But that’s between her and God.

      The least that the Abp.’s could do is very publically explain her current position in light of Church teaching. I mean take out full-page ads in the NYTimes or something explaining that they have, indeed, spoken with her and she still refuses to believe what the Church teaches and therefore… whatever they want to say. That would be helpful to draw the distinction between what she believes is a good Catholic and what is to minimize the confusion whipped up by the MSM.

  • John H.

    The real scandal at this point is the lack of action on the part of the Bishops. Is there not a canon that can be invoked against them for failing to correct a manifest public heretic who claims to be Catholic?

  • M.Z.

    I’ll be more impressed when “Father Z” comes out against free agent, unaccountable clergy with private sinecures. Yes, canon law mentions that.

    • Joseph

      Hmm… I detect a hater. M.Z.? Oh, nevermind.

  • The Deuce
  • Confederate Papist

    Over the history of our Church, people have been excommunicated for less reasons than what these Catholic politicians are publicly supporting.

    • The Deuce

      Yup. If I may state one lesson I think you Catholics could learn from us PCA Presbies: It ain’t pretty, but that excommunication stick exists for a good reason, and sometimes you have to get it out and use it, for the protection of the rest of the flock and hopefully for the ultimate good of the excommunicated as well.

      If wielding the power of the state to attack your own church doesn’t merit it, you might as well just officially get rid of excommunication and church discipline altogether (since all church discipline is ultimately “backed up” by threat of excommunication).

  • JMJ

    Not too often can I agree with Mr. Shea, but, this time he is right on about what Ft. Z. has said, only, this should have been done a long time ago beginning with that false pope of the American catholic church: Ted Kennedy. The USCCB must take the lion’s share of the blame of forcing OBAMANISM down upon us and also on the world. As for those that thought Obama would change his mind because of the non-speech given by Mr. Axelrod: fools. He was only playing the good cop/bad cop role that they use on prisoners trying to get information or a confession out of them. WE NEED TO STOP OBAMANIM, NOW!! +JMJ+