The 98%…

The 98%… February 20, 2012

is a lie. But then anybody with mild common sense knew that.

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  • Will

    As was said elsewhere, I would be automatically skeptical of a claim that “98%” of some groups does ANYTHING? Why not just say “100%”?

    Such figures are incessantly bandied about without any pretense at research.

    • Joseph

      What’s great is that it shows 2% of the self-proclaimed sexually (liberated) promiscuous sample actually dissent from the expected view. The real flaw with their own “internal” exercise is that they couldn’t even corral 100% of their own mindless bots to poll how they wanted them too. That 2% needs to enter into re-education program… which will probably be re-runs of the first three seasons of “Sex in the City”.

  • SDG

    Certainly, the 98% figure was never an accurate representation of anything, and was compounded by other reporting mistakes as well.

    Even so, the statistic provided here–that 68% of all Catholic women use the pill, IUDs or sterilization–is alarming enough in itself, particularly because it includes all Catholic women, including those who aren’t sexually active.

    The reality is that the Church is vulnerable to political attack on this front because for decades pastors on all levels have declined to confront the contraception mentality among Catholics, allowing it to entrench itself without being challenged or even discussed.

    Ironically, the Church’s enemies are now forcing pastors to speak about the very topic they’ve been ignoring. It’s not hard to see God’s hand at work here, using the Gentiles to correct and chasten His people.

    It would be nice to see some of our pastors acknowledging this fact and acknowledging the need for repentance, both on the part of pastors and Catholics, for failing to maintain the integrity of the Church’s witness on this subject. It’s all well and good to stand up for our civil rights, but we can’t pretend this is happening in a vacuum.

    P.S. Meanwhile, not all Catholic pastors are afraid to carry the banner of Catholic teaching on contraception into the trenches … and the New York Times has profiled one.

  • bill bannon
  • Walter

    The DNC keeps changing their story…
    Whitehouse says 98% (debunked repeatedly)

    Obama SS (“Truthteam”) henchmen say 71% – 75% – no 98%… (this entry has been changed recently – last week it only said 71%).

    DNC Chair (Wasserman Shultz) says 61%

    So…. they obviously have no idea. They are following the Nathanson protocol, and making up inflated numbers and using skewed sample selection methods to defend their untenable case.

    • Dr. Eric

      If anyone really believes that the overwhelming majority of Catholics are using NFP and no family planning to have their 2.1 children per family, I have a bridge to sell to you.

      It doesn’t matter whether it’s 98%, 68%, 72% or whatever. The truth is that this battle was lost in 1968 and now we’re seeing the repercussions from the dissent against Humanae Vitae. Most Americans support the HHS mandate and the bishops will go to prison.