The novel experience of cheering for an editorial in the Reporter

The novel experience of cheering for an editorial in the Reporter February 8, 2012

…is now mine.  Michael Sean Winters says to the tyrannical Obama Administration, screw “compromise” on your draconian act of tyranny against the Church. Rescind it and let not a rack of it be left behind to cloud our memory. And take this bloody nose from Catholics as a parting reminder never to try that crap again.

Good for Winters!

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  • trespinos

    I do hope the person responsible for providing the President with his daily summary of the nation’s editorials will include some long excerpts from that one. The Wun needs to be unabused about what support he still retains in the Catholic leadership, let alone the rank and file.

    Oh, and VP Biden, uh, is your silence significant?

  • trespinos

    Diabused, rather. I needed my morning coffee, I see.

  • trespinos

    Disabused. Something stronger than coffee. Where’s a d**n edit button?

    • S. Murphy

      “the moving finger writes, and having writ, nor all thy piety nor wit can call it back to alter half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.”
      – Khalil Gibran

      • Mark Shea

        That’s actually from The Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam.

        Sorry. Lit major nerdliness.

        • S. Murphy

          Oh yeah… Never read either- that one was on a poster on the front of a teacher’s desk. I stared at at every day in 5th grade. But it was a while ago. Damn. I thought I could play of your Khalil G post while having with trespinos’ cri di coeur for an edt button. With which sentiment I am in total sympathy.

    • Will

      If someone is made sick by a faulty dialysis hookup, is he being diabused?

  • Good for Michael Sean Winters. Once again, he writes a piece at NCR that leaves no doubt that his true loyalties are with his Church, not his party. In the past, I had my doubts. But on no fewer than 3 occasions now, he has clearly and unequivocally condemned the Obama Administration for the HHS mandate and said that he will not vote for the president’s re-election because of it.

  • Sandra Miesel

    The editorial is brave and vigorous but look at the readers’ negative comments.

    • Mark Shea

      Yes. A lot of de-programming will be required. I hope Winters is up to the task of trying to instruct the ignorant and the admonish the sinners in his comboxes.

    • Tim

      Many of the commenters seem to believe religious belief is merely a matter of popular opinion (e.g. many catholics use contraception, therefore it is morally permissible).

      • B.E. Ward

        It doesn’t help that what this guy says sounds reasonable to a lot of people:

      • Will

        And plenty of Jews eat treyf, so Jewish hospitals and sanatoriums should be forced to serve it. Yep, makes perfect sense.

  • Confederate Papist

    Mr. Winters is to be commended for writing a well-thought piece. I am alarmed that many of the comboxers are saying what they’re saying.

    Sad that there are so many ill-catechised and/or dissenters who would rather pledge obedience to their ideology of so called “women’s health rights” (not) rather to their church.


  • Thorny

    What amazes me is the number of people who are still blinded as to the next step by the President here.

    The Health Care Act itself has no provision prohibiting the funding of abortion. Only an Executive Order stands between the adminstration and the imposition of full abortion coverage on all people, and that Executive Order could be rescended at any time.

    Many of the commenters approve of contraception–got it. But do they understand that much more could be demanded of us under this same reasoning? I seriously doubt it.

    This is not an argument about how to be a good Catholic. This is an argument about whether the government has a voice in how to be a good Catholic. The Free Exercise clause of the First Amendment says it doesn’t.

    Resist the Tyrant.

    • Mark Shea


      • Paulus

        Seriously, Obama did this in an election year. I have no illusions as to what his next steps may be should we lose this battle and Obama gains a second term.

  • Peggy R

    Winters has been quite admirable! God bless him for standing up for the faith and constitutional rights and seeing truth. [Yes, this will be well-received and not jeered in the Fr Z comboxes.]