An Apology to Henry Karlson

An Apology to Henry Karlson March 9, 2012

So last week a reader wrote me on FB to complain of my response to Henry Karlson here.  He cc’d Henry, who expressed his anger at me with some warmth.  Rather than listen to the anger, I listened to the words and proceeded to argue with Henry about why he was wrong I was right, etc.

At length, the reader wrote back and said, “What I never heard on either side was an acknowledgement that you had treated one another uncharitably, and no apology.  When no one admits sin, there can be no forgiveness.”

Hmm.  Charity, eh?  Dammit.  I *hate* that.  I wasn’t thinking about charity at all.  I was thinking about defeating Henry in argument, not about my duty of Christian love for Henry.  I don’t tend to think about love.  I tend to think about terms of debate and being on the right (or at least the winning) side of an argument. Had to go to confession after that.  Now I’m trying to revise my approach to life.  I’m bad at that.

Anyway, don’t know if Henry will see this but: I’m sorry I did not write in a spirit of love.  I was wrong.  Mea culpa.

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