Scott P. Richert writes…

Scott P. Richert writes… March 9, 2012

About the most significant issue of our time:

Voting in the 2012 About Catholicism Readers’ Choice Awards ends at 11:59 P.M. EDT on March 21. That gives you just over 12 more days to turn out your supporters.

Remember, each of your supporters can vote once per day, every day, in each category.  Last year, winners in several of the categories came from behind in the last week to take the crown.  So if you’re not in the lead right now, a little p.r. could make a very big difference.  And if you are in the lead, it’s not a good idea to rest on your laurels.

I have been featuring individual races on the Catholicism blog and in the twice-weekly Catholicism Newsletter.  You can encourage your supporters to subscribe to the newsletter to be reminded to vote.

Finally, I have set up a page that you and your supporters may find of interest: Interim Results. Even if you have voted already in any given day, you can use that page to check to see how you are doing in each of the races.

It’s been a great race so far; I hope everyone keeps pushing hard until the end!  Best of luck to all of you.



It is just so so important that I win this.  But it’s even more important that others lose, preferably in shame and humiliation.

I note with satisfaction that I have surged into third place while the pathetic Fr. Z, who has been unable or unwilling to prove he is not an agent of the German-American Bund, has sunk to fifth from the bottom.  I think Americans are starting to wake up and smell the terrorists.

You fabulous, beautiful, handsome, intelligent and deeply holy people are not going to fall for some flatterer.  I’m with you all the way!  I admire your trees, lakes and cars and won’t pander to you but will tell you the truth: that each and every one of you is perfect and I will give you all a pony or whatever other need or desire you have, no matter what the cost to other people (once the poll is over, so as to technically be in compliance with the dumb rules against “bribery”).  And if you don’t vote for me, things too terrible to describe will happen and I will be powerless to stop them.  Nobody wants that.  Vote early!  Vote often!  Vote Me!

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