How things work

How things work March 9, 2012

If someone lies in the cause of the prolife movement, they are bad if you support Peter Gleick’s lies for environmentalism and Julian Assange’s lies for freedom of information. If you support the prolife movement and environmentalist lies, the Julian Assange is bad when he lies if you don’t support lying for freedom of information. if you support freedom of information and prolife lies, but not environmentalist lies, then Gleick is bad, but the other two aren’t.

The point is, “Let us do evil that good may come of it.” Ignore the Church back to St. Paul. Consequentialism is good–except when people we don’t like do it. Then it’s bad. But we’re not bad, so it’s good when we do it.

Zac Alstin does the autopsy on this rubbish.

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