Shhhh….. March 9, 2012

This repellent story of jackasses for Jesus attacking a sixteen year old will never get a mention on my blog. You must never know that I condemn such bullying without reservation.

And, of course, as we all know, Christians line up by the *legion* to make excuses for wahoos like this and the media instantly springs into action to cover for such ugly behavior, much as prolifers and a sympathetic media all cheer with one voice on those rare occasions an abortionist is killed by a kook, and each murder and bombing by an Islamic radical only demonstrates the clear and present danger of the Ladies Auxiliary Tea Guild of Lake Wobegon Minnesota. In the same way, the paladins of civil discourse at the HuffPo instantly step in to crush the honorable and civil rape and death fantasies directed against 14 year old who step out of line on gay marriage and don’t, oh, let the combox thread go on for hundreds of increasingly violent fantasy posts with no check at all. Therefore, there is no such thing as gay fascism in the media–and I can only be saying that all homosexualS everywhere are violent fascists.

Ahem. Dale Price is perfectly right.

To summarize: when an eager media makes the death of Jesse Dirkhising or Mary Stachowicz the subject of hagiographic martyrdom pic like “Boys Don’t Cry” I will take seriously the whole “Don’t judge gay fascism by the actions of thousnands and thousands of gay fascists” argument. Somehow, the isolated thugs who murder a Matthew Shepherd stand for all who fail to applaud homosex, but the thugs who murder Dirkhising and Stachowicz and who pour out threats of murder and rape on a 14 year old girl (without the slightest check by the gatekeepers of culture at HuffPo) tell us nothing at all about a significant segment of gay culture.


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