Obama Loses Another Catholic

Obama Loses Another Catholic March 15, 2012

Joanne McPortland gives it to him with both barrels, more in sorrow than in anger.

My hope is that conservative Catholics will wise up and see the important thing about honorable Democrats like Joanne, which is that she is increasingly moved to place her faith above all else: by far the most important decision she can make.

My fear is that the Thing that Used to be Conservatism, in its increasing drive to banish heretics rather than welcome allies, will just tell her off for ever having supported Obama in the first place, like Mr. Treat in her comboxes.

So far, my fears appear to be misplaced since most of the responses seem to be empathetic, suggesting that she is definitely not alone in her disillusion with Obama, and also suggesting that a lot of Obama’s former supporters are going to sit this one out. We’ll see.

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