Reader Lori Pieper writes

Reader Lori Pieper writes March 20, 2012

I hesitate to interrupt your very busy Dark Lord-ing schedule, but believe it or not, I’ve got a another big project I want some help publicizing.

I have mentioned a number of times how big a fan I am of Pope John Paul I. A Pope who was short on time but big on significance for the Church – in the opinion of his successor and namesake, John Paul II.

Well, this October 17 is the 100th anniversary of his birth. With the help of several others, I am arranging a conference on the life and spirituality of John Paul I to be held here in New York on Friday evening and all day Saturday, October 12-13. Among our guest speakers will be the Pope’s niece, Pia Luciani, and the Italian author who has written the Positio for the cause for his beatification, Stefania Falasca. Yours truly will also speak of the effects of prophetic papacy. We will also address the rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding his death with solid facts. We are aiming to offer overnight accommodations at a retreat center.

But before we can start taking registrations, we have to reserve the location for the conference to be held, and this takes cash. We have been taking donations at our website, but haven’t gotten very far yet. If you wish, you can put the donation toward eventual reservation for the conference or for a video of the proceedings. Just visit to donate, get an updated list of speakers and topics, and learn more about Pope John Paul I.

I would be so grateful if you could post this.

(I do not, of course, expect the fact that I totally know how to rig the voting for the Reader’s Choice Awards so you will beat that upstart Fr. Z to influence you in any way at all. Of course Dark Lords cannot be bought. Officially. But remember, only a few voting days left! You know where to find me).

Minions! You know what to do!

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