Why is it…

Why is it… March 20, 2012

that as the state promises us more and more safety through Leviathan by any means necessary, I feel less and less safe?

19 terrorist killed 3000 Americans 10 years ago because the state did an incompetent job of reading the huge red flags they were dropping all over the place. Now, to compensate, the state has transmogrified itself into a nascent police state that is destroying our most fundamental rights to life and liberty while pretending to keep us “safe”.

Our hope is in the Lord, who made heaven and earth. America had a good run. But I fear the country I grew up in will not exist in anything but name by the time my granddaughter comes of age. When I was a kid it was the Soviets who were the intrusive police state at war with the Church. Now it’s us. God deliver my beloved country from wicked and powerful people at enmity with God and man who have no fear of God. We stand between a cruel and inflamed Islamc spirituality and a far more dangerous and inflamed atheist spirituality. Both hate Jesus (and therefore humanity) and will do grave damage if not stopped by the weapons of the Holy Spirit.

We must pray.

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  • bridgit

    The gates of hell will not prevail over the Church ~ America, not so much. I fear for my country that I love.

  • Good golly. *thud*

  • That’s because the Federals are focusing on the *real* enemies of the state; Catholics and their fellow travellers, old men and women (especially the ones in wheelchairs), and little children (born and pre-born).

    More of them, less of us. I thought you would know that by now!

  • I’m not giving up on clawing back our God given liberties back from Leviathan. It has a glass jaw.

  • As soon as I win my millions of millions in the Powerball or Megamillions Jackpot, it’s off to Chile. 😉

  • William

    Mark, Islamic spirituality does not hate Jesus.

    • Mark Shea

      On the contrary, it hates him intensely and denounces the worship of Jesus (that is, the right response to who Jesus *really* is) as blasphemy. What it loves is an imaginary simulacrum of Jesus. Islam does violence to the body of Christ all over the world. “Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these…”

      • William

        So would you say that Jewish spirituality hates Jesus?

        • Mark Shea

          Are Jews killing Christians and burning their churches all over the world? No.

          Post-Christian Judaism rejects Jesus, but retains within itself a divine seed of hope for the Messiah that cannot be killed. islam is a manmade religion specifically designed by the man who made it to crush the right response to Jesus. It honors him as a prophet, but punishes with death any Muslim who honors him for who he truly is. Some forms of Judaism ostracize those Jews who come to faith in Jesus. But it’s been a while since Jews stoned somebody to death for becoming Christian.

      • Ted Seeber

        A subset of Islamic spirituality does this. Not the whole.

        They’ve has Sola Scriptura, with all of it’s hideous errors, for a lot longer than we have- but it wasn’t until the Muwahiddun of the mid 20th century adopted the idea of individual jihad that we were in any real danger.

        • William

          Ted, you are exactly right. Islamic spirituality most certainly does not hate Jesus. Without an in depth study of Islam to prove this, the writings and interviews with Peter Kreeft shed light on this as well as Fr. John Hardon’s book, “Religions of the World”. See his chapter on Islam. To say that Islam hates Jesus is also contrary to Pope JP II’s comments regarding Islam in his “Crossing the Threshold of Hope” as well as other JP II sources. There’s a reason Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land sometimes have to wait to get into Mary’s “tomb” in Jerusalem. Do some Muslims hate Jesus? Of course. Do some Christians hate Muhammed? Of course.

        • Dale Price

          Coptic Egypt, Catholic North Africa, the Byzantines, Visigothic Spain and the Franks would beg to differ about that “no real danger before the mid-20th Century” idea.

      • William

        To get back to the question, which was whether a religion’s spirituality “hates Jesus”.
        At times, Protestants and Catholics have killed each other over differences of faith, but that does not mean that their spirituality of their Protestantism or Catholicism condones what they have done. Individual Christians in Africa and India fight and kill Muslims because of differences of faith. But that doesn’t mean that the spirituality of the Christian religion condones their action.
        Mark, I’m afraid your statement is little more than inflammatory rhetoric – appealing to the present climate of fear and the mindset of Christian fundamentalism – but lacking any basis in fact. The spirituality of the Muslim religion, as set forth in the Qur’an, holds Jesus in high respect. Whether individual Muslims adhere to the spirituality of their religion is another question. And that principle likewise applies to Christians in regard to how they live the spirituality of their own religion.

        • B.E. Ward

          What does the Koran say about followers of Jesus?

    • Dale Price

      Islamic spirituality cobbles together a false Muslim Jesus and, where Islam is the law of the land, makes life increasingly difficult for those who insist on following to the real One.

      • Dale Price

        Gah–delete the “to.”

  • By the time your GRAND-DAUGHTER comes of age? I’m worried about when my daughter comes of age. She’ll be 18 in June of 2013.

  • Ed Pie

    This “safety” is so alarming because it’s really just a well-regulated violence against potentially any actual citizen in the name of protecting aggregate citizenry from some aggregate or poorly-controlled violence.
    Cut off the tumor to save the limb, see? If the malady persists, declare the limb a tumor and repeat.

  • Dale Price

    Despair not, Mark. National bankruptcy is in the offing. Nothing quite like penury to wake one up from delusions of grandeur.

  • Once the government has its massive electronic monitoring program in place, it will in effect have too much information. It won’t be so much for perceiving threats — it won’t work that way.

    What it will do is intimidate people: This info will thus be used selectively, against people who are perceived threatening to whatever interests the state has. Someone causes political trouble — release his emails, release his purchases, release his online movie rentals, release his google searches, release what web sites he went to. Everyone after that would have to count the cost of opposing the powers that be.

    What you will want to do is ANYTHING that prevents you from calling attention to yourself to the powers that be. Imagine high school from a tyrannical teacher, forever.

    It’s a little like what they did to Herman Cain. He stepped forward to serve; find and release all the dirt on him. (Note: I didn’t support Mr. Cain, but I thought his private life should have remained private and felt terrible for him.)

    I am not sure why the government is allowed to collect such data and monitor such activity. I do know, knowing human nature, that this info will be selectively used to punish individuals. And not just for things like opposition to government policies. It can also be used because the individual is simply in the way.

  • bob

    William, what do Muslims do with a Muslim who converts; is baptized and begins to worship Jesus as God incarnate? Also explicitly renouncing someone else as a false prophet? Is it as friendly and tolerant as it was a minute ago?

    • William

      bob, Mark said that Muslim spirituality hates Jesus. In fact (again), the spirituality of the Muslim religion, as set forth in the Qur’an, holds Jesus (and His mother, BTW) in high respect, not hatred. History shows that Christians fall short of authentic Christian spirituality and Muslims fall short on authentic Muslim spirituality.

      • Mark Shea

        No. I said “a cruel and inflamed Islamic spirituality”, not “Muslim spirituality”. There is more than one Muslim spirituality. And radical Islam most definitely hates Jesus and his Church.