Why is it…

Why is it… March 20, 2012

that as the state promises us more and more safety through Leviathan by any means necessary, I feel less and less safe?

19 terrorist killed 3000 Americans 10 years ago because the state did an incompetent job of reading the huge red flags they were dropping all over the place. Now, to compensate, the state has transmogrified itself into a nascent police state that is destroying our most fundamental rights to life and liberty while pretending to keep us “safe”.

Our hope is in the Lord, who made heaven and earth. America had a good run. But I fear the country I grew up in will not exist in anything but name by the time my granddaughter comes of age. When I was a kid it was the Soviets who were the intrusive police state at war with the Church. Now it’s us. God deliver my beloved country from wicked and powerful people at enmity with God and man who have no fear of God. We stand between a cruel and inflamed Islamc spirituality and a far more dangerous and inflamed atheist spirituality. Both hate Jesus (and therefore humanity) and will do grave damage if not stopped by the weapons of the Holy Spirit.

We must pray.

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