Romney Comes out in Favor of Tyranny…

Romney Comes out in Favor of Tyranny… March 1, 2012

or maybe he just forgot who he was supposed to be pandering to today. Or maybe he’s just a verbally inept doofus (as the mounting evidence suggests). Hard to say. At any rate, for a moment, he, on the eve of the vote, stabbed the GOP in the back on the Blunt amendment which is designed to, ahem, blunt the Administration’s attack on Catholic conscience. He was against it. Then, when his advisors informed him he’s an idiot, he decided he was for it.

Can’t you just *feel* the burning passion for prolife concerns from the Romney campaign? Stay on the reservation, prolifers! There’s a very good chance our boy may, at any moment, familiarize himself with the gravest assault on religious liberty since the 1870s.

Put not your trust in princes.

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