Tyranny 101

Tyranny 101 March 5, 2012

Get the public used to murdering, torturing and indefinitely detaining foreigners, then Americans abroad, and finally Americans at home. The State is protecting you! Only an enemy of all that is good and true and decent–only somebody who themselves have something to hide–can be opposed to stripping citizens of those silly “rights” when we are at war! Oh sure it was bad when Bush did it because he was an evil Republican. But now, with our God King, things are different. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Americans used to be able to afford the luxury of due process and civil rights. But if Caesar is going to keep you safe in these oh-so-special times, you have to be willing to sacrifice your freedom so he can do that efficiently. And if a few losers nobody will miss accidently wind up dead or eternally in prison without counsel or hope of escape from the clutches of Leviathan, well that’s the price we decent, normal, timid folk have to pay to keep quiet and have our bread and circuses. After all, *all* crime is a form of terrorism when you think about it. Our founding fathers never realized that, and therefore enshrined “rights” which only serve to coddle terrorists and slow down the efficient working of the state in protecting us from terror. As our Ruling Classes shake off those antiquated 18th century notions and erect the gleaming and efficient police state machine, we will all be much safer and more content, if we know what’s good for us.

Now let us sing:

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