While I’m scrambling with work

While I’m scrambling with work March 28, 2012

You should go read Seraphic Singles:

As you do, ask yourself, “What in blazes is the *matter* with the average Scottish male that some guy didn’t sweep her off her feet with wine and roses the moment he laid eyes on her?” Speaking as the husband of a Scotch Irish redhead myself (who is wise, funny and all those other adjectives), I assure you, men of Scotland, that you won’t be sorry. Come on, you guys! Man up!

Update:  Scottish manhood is redeemed.  Seraphic writes, “Just before the book was accepted for publication, a Scottish guy did come along and cart me away. Really, you should have been yelling at Canadian guys.”

Hey Canadian guys playing video games in your underwear instead of learning  to be a man: *Head smack*!  Grow up already!  How could you let her get away?

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