Since various people have shown up in the comboxes

Since various people have shown up in the comboxes April 26, 2012

…attempting to play the “Gosh!  Who even knows *what* anti-semitism even *is* anyway!” game, I have expanded my post on Voris’ attempt to mainstream E. Michael Jones toxic kookery with some documentation of what I am talking about.  Other comboxers are also now chiming in with their own documentation as well. To wit:

In light of Voris’ supposed reputation for getting to the bottom of things and showing us all the *real* truth, he is remarkably un-curious in regard to accusations of anti-Semitism against Jones.  All he did was ask whether Jones is anti-Semitic and then took his word for it and accepted Jones’ limited and self-serving definition of anti-Semitism.    Dennis O’Donovan did basically the same thing in regard to Jones when interviewing Brammer.   Here are some facts that seem to have completely eluded the normally hard-hitting, probing Voris:

For instance, Jones has promoted his personal theories about why Jews are a societal problem to a fellow named “Brother” Nathanael Kapner. The name of the interview was “Jewish Control of the Catholic Mind.”

Here’s a question and point that I think would have been substantive and legit, especially for supposedly hard-hitting journalist like Voris:

“Dr. Jones, do you think it was appropriate for you to publicly promote your theories of Jewish depravity to people like Brother Nathanael Kapner and his audience? Kapner believes Jews were behind 9-11. President McKinley was murdered by Jews. President Wilson was blackmailed into WWI by Jews. There’s a piece on his website explaining how the Jews ‘prompted’ the Holocaust and a whole section of articles on ‘the Jewification of America.’ He recently wrote, ‘I now PRESENT MYSELF, Brother Nathanael Kapner, to STOP THIS RUINATION by the Christ-Hating, Constitution-Hating, Freedom Hating Jew, in a major public way.’”

And this is what Brother Kapner had to say about Jones afterward:

“It was great working for the first time with E. Michael Jones. He and I really hit it off…Michael is a bit more optimistic than I regarding a change in our society from Jewish control. I really don’t see it changing, in fact, I see it getting worse. The Jews with their militarists, just pulled off another false flag, another ‘terrorist’ hoax, with the panty bomber. The boy got on the plane in Amsterdam without a passport. The Haskells’ testimony was blacked out by the Jew-owned media and Chertoff (I was the FIRST to break this news) is a consultant for Full Body Scanners and will make TONS of bucks from the false flag hoax. Americans, dumbed downed Americans, swallowed this hoax, hook – line – and sinker. The passive masses will now let the Jews take their clothes off in front of them and make millions from naked Americans at airports. AND – MORE FALSE FLAGS ARE COMING for the Dumbed Downed Americans who BELIEVE what the Jews tell them!”

Can you see why this sort of thing might naturally raise eye-brows, Dr. Jones?

Might it also naturally raise questions that White Supremacist groups have promoted your writings about Jews?

One could also ask Jones about his collaboration with and support of Robert Sungenis. Google Sungenis and Jews. Add in E. Michael Jones after. You’ll find plenty of material there.

Jones helped Sungenis to spread calumny against his bishop in Culture Wars magazine. Then he published an article defending Sungenis called “Fear of the Jews in Harrisburg.”

  • Jones also did an interview with a racist named Peter Schaenk in which he again promoted his theories of Jewish depravity. Here’s a warm note from Schaenk to his white supremacist friends at National Vanguard about his interviews:


    Here’s a comment from “Bill Blass” to Schaenk about the interview with E. Michael Jones:

    “Even though he is not a ‘White Nationalist’ he obviously has some Traditionalist sympathy for ethnic states in the Western/Christian tradition. I wish he would have addressed the issue of how Traditionalist Christians, Nationalist Conservatives, and White Nationalists might work together and tolerate each other’s differences in order to pursue our substantial common interests. Good job, and let’s try to get Jones on again!”

    Below are some comments made by Schaenk:

    “I believe there is a White Genocide being carried out by non-Whites on behalf of the New World Order, or more aptly described… The Jew World Order.”

    “The only reason people conduct background checks is to excavate for Mud. Mud slinging, the old Jew tactic…Attack the person, not the message.”

    “It was RIGHT for Alex Linder and [White supremacist] VNN to demonstrate in Knoxville, Tennessee, in order to bring attention to the savage butchering of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian. In both of these cases, only the so-called “White Supremacist” came to the aid of these victims to do the RIGHT thing…Should I run away from these groups because they believe in the racial superiority of the White race? Is that such a crime against humanity to believe your race is superior to others?”

    “Today, the White race has no choice but to allow non-Whites into their businesses, private clubs, schools and neighborhoods. The net result of this has been rampant crime in once peaceful neighborhoods, the destruction of “Main Street USA”, an ever expanding Police State and soaring taxes.”

    “These theories [about government mind control] are designed to keep people paralyzed and distracted while the Jew World Order continues it’s take over of the West. They have created political movements with the same agenda, to promote chaos and disorder in society.”

    Peter Schaenk

    Then there was “Roy”, who after listening to the interview with E. Michael Jones thought the interview was actually with the notorious anti-Semite Michael Hoffman, rather than Jones, at least until he was corrected by “Maurice”.

    Jones also said this in the interview: “The bigger question is whether we’ve all become Jews by internalizing their rules of discourse.”

    “Their rules of discourse?” As if Jews are all the same? Chuck Schumer and David Horowitz are about as diametrically opposed as two people could be. But they’re both Jews. And what of the Orthodox Jews? Are they covered by the same broad strokes? He speaks of “the Jews” in this broad-brush way on many other occasions. Does that suggest bigotry?

    I think it’s interesting that Schaenk begins the interview segment with Jones by juxtaposing a section of Hitler’s Mein Kampf with Jones’ book. Has Jones ever raised an objection to that? Has he ever repudiated it? If not, why not?

    Then there was this exchange:

    Schaenk: “What is the Jewish relation to Atheism?”

    Jones: “[The Jews] will promote it! Weaken the dominant culture in cultures that are religiously based.”

    Isn’t stereotyping and broad-bushing like this more evidence of bigotry? What of all the religious Jews? The Orthodox? The Chasidim? Why are all “the Jews” are thrown into one bad lump by Jones?

  • This is serious stuff.  That Voris and Brammer are attempting to mainstream this wicked dreck should be opposed by any Catholic who takes the faith seriously.  Interested in “trapping and exposing lies and falsehoods”, Mr. Voris?  Physician, heal thyself.

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