As the full court press is made for gay “marriage”…

As the full court press is made for gay “marriage”… May 11, 2012

…and Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge among heretical Catholics to try to say that the traditional definition of marriage is wrong, one of the perennial lies that gets trotted out is the attempt to say, “And besides, the Church actually used to marry gay people”. That bad chestnut is being recycled right now for the benefit of historical and theological illiterates in a piece called “When Same Sex Marriage was a Christian Rite“.

It is, in fact, the sort history written for people who take The Da Vinci Code very very seriously and is based on the exploded “advocacy scholarship” of John Boswell’s Same Sex Union in Pre-Modern Europe Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and Robin Darling Young did the autopsy on this stuff 20 years ago, just as the autopsy was done on Holy Blood, Holy Grail by real scholars 20 years before The Da Vinci Code found a fresh generation of suckers to snooker.

Deal with it: the Catholic tradition recognizes *no* place in the theology of marriage of anyone but one man and one woman.

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