Lefties: Please explain to me again…

Lefties: Please explain to me again… May 28, 2012

…*why* you support this guy when he has taken all the worst things about the Bush Administration–and made them even worse:

You guys complain that the GOP learned nothing from the Iraq War. True enough. But then if you are still a Lefty Obama supporter, you appear to be throwing stones from a glass house. Why do you support this guy who has repealed Magna Carta and stripped you of your constitutional protections against the assaults of tyranny?  Ask yourself, “Why does my tribe spend so much time hyperventilating about the fake “danger” of a few creationists, why have we spent years wringing our hands about Christian “theocrats” as though they posed some threat, only to fall in line behind a guy who actually *has* behaved exactly like a tyrant bent on getting rid of the most elementary civil rights? Why are there so few honorable Lefties like Glenn Greenwald and so many complete and utter prostitutes for Obama like the ones he documents? It’s not too late. You can still stop shilling for Obama and admit that you have totally majored in minors by supporting his despotism while trembling in fear everytime an idiot like Fred Phelps waves a sign. Grow a sense of proportion and grow some stones: Obama’s assault on civil liberties makes Bush look like the President of the ACLU. So stop supporting him already. It’s a disgrace to the Thing that Used to Be Liberalism.

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