The fun thing about being Catholic…

The fun thing about being Catholic… May 1, 2012

is that you can write posts in which you try to think with the Church on some complex moral matter and be rewarded with combox commentary in which you are simultaneously informed that you hate gays *and* that you shamefully excuse their sin, that you hate Jews *and* that you are blind to the genius and brilliance of nutty anti-semitic conspiracy theorists and the demagogues who labor to mainstream them.

For further reference, I am also a right wing nutjob who is a communist Obama supporter, a secret Protestant mole who is an uber Catholic traditionalist, a Vatican II stooge who is stuck in the 16th century, a feminist who hates women, a Nazi Jew-lover, an anti-abortion zealot and stooge of the pro-choice movement, an anti-Medjugorje fanatic who is so obsessed that I comment on it once or twice a year if I think of it, a modernist who often points people to Tridentine liturgies and polyphony videos, and a superstitious person incapable of understanding Reason who admires the work of St. Thomas.

Fun! For those interested in wandering even further into the labyrinthine complexity of my mysterious mind, go here.

Or just read this or this.

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