German Court Continues Previous Government Policy…

German Court Continues Previous Government Policy… June 27, 2012

…of making Deutschland Judenrein. Note that it is the Improvers of Mankind and the Forward Thinking Progressives who are all about this continuation of National Socialist thinking. Here’s a recent charming image from an enlightened and progressive San Francisco group, for instance:

Christians, of course, understand that under the new covenant, there is no religious need to be circumcised. Circumcision was the old covenant sign pointing the need for “circumcision of the heart” in baptism. So the Church immediately left off the requirement for circumcision and all the other ceremonial requirements of the law of Moses in the first generation. You can read all about it in Acts 15 and Galatians (and for pity’s sake, I wish theologically illiterate homosexual activists would do so and save us the headache of endlessly saying that if you oppose unnatural sex, you also have to oppose eating oysters). But the Church does not tell Jews what they can and cannot do for the very good reason that they are not members of the New Covenant Church and therefore it is their own business what rites they perform in fidelity to the covenant they entered into on Mt. Sinai.

No. It is only post-Christian secular leftism that takes it upon itself to command Jews not to circumcise and Catholics to pay for somebody else’s contraception as a specific attack on their conscience out of spite. And that is not because post-christian culture suddenly sees some burning threat to the common good. It’s because Caesar is a jealous god and the God of Israel whom Jews and Christians worship is therefore his moral enemy and his followers must be punished.

Christians therefore, while certainly not feeling bound by Jewish ceremonial law themselves, have an obligation–both for the sake of justice to Jews and for the sake of preservation of their own liberty–to oppose this arrogant act of Caesar. May all decent Germans stand against this outrage.

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