Prayer Request

Prayer Request June 10, 2012

A reader writes:

Yehuda is a homeschool dad in Israel, we have known the family via email for many years. Yehuda got an abscess on his thigh about a month ago that got infected with flesh-eating bacteria. He has been critically ill ever since. He is going in for major surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning. It’s expected to be long surgery (5-6 hours) and they’re not at all sure that he’ll survive. If he does, it is likely that he’ll make a complete recovery.

Brandel, his wife, is asking us all to say extra prayers ESPECIALLY during the hours of surgery, 12 Midnight tonight to 6 AM Eastern time (7 AM – 1 PM in Israel).

Yehuda was somewhat conscious at one point today, and managed to nod his head in answer to a couple of questions.

Please share this with anyone who would be willing to pray for Yehuda tonight/tomorrow – the more prayers the better!

His Hebrew name is Yehuda Nachum ben Chava.

Father, hear our prayer for Yehuda’s swift and complete healing, for skill and compassion for his caregivers, and peace and strength and hope for all who love him. Mother Mary, pray for him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Kirt Higdon

    That flesh eating bacteria is really scary stuff. May God grant our brother Yehuda a speedy and complete recovery through the intercession of the Holy Virgin Mary and Blessed John Paul II.

  • I saw exactly this problem(thigh abscess->flesh eating bacteria) multiple times when I volunteered in a hospital as an orderly a few years ago. It’s terrible, but the poster is correct: if he can make it through the surgery he’ll likely survive. It’s a terrible thing to experience, and prayers are definitely in order.

  • khumbelo

    I am asking a prayer to stop dreaming about sangomas (traditional doctor). I explain this problem to my elders they said I have to slaughter a sheep. Always I dream about songoma stealing my car after that my car, the following day when I drive my car it get broken when I try to fix it another problem persists. I have lost a lot of money on fixing my car. Even at work all my projects become unsuccessful.

  • Olumuyiwa

    That the Lord should grant me divine speed and favor in my immigration filling process.

  • Simone

    I need prayer for everything. Please pray for what God puts on your heart.

  • please pray that god helps heal my body,bring me peace,love,happiness,love,longjevity for everyone and will protect my house and for me and jacobs relationship to strengthen.please pray that my medical issues will be better and that i will get a financail blessing because i have no money at all right now.thankyou to everyone who prays for me,and godbless