Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports June 28, 2012

A reader writes:

Three prayer requests for you–First a praise report, though. As you know, I found a job back in February after much searching and prayerful support from your readers, and started in March. Things seem to be going well, knock on wood, and I am really, really enjoying the work. Thank you so much to all your readers who prayed for me over those long months of unemployment–praise be to God! Now to learn and grow in the job–and keep it with God’s grace!

First request–my mother is having minor surgery tomorrow (Thursday), but it is the kind that could easily go very wrong. Please pray for her, that she be brought safely through this procedure and make a full recovery.

Second–you and your readers have prayed several times for my grandmother, whose health has been failing steadily over the past three years. She has been in hospice care for two and a half years. There have been a couple of times that it’s been thought she had mere months to live but she has always bounced back. Now, it is strongly believed that she has, at most, a week to live. She is ninety-one years old, has not been able to speak for almost two years, has not been able to walk for about two and a half, but her mind seems to still be at least somewhat “there,” so we think she is aware of what is happening to her and that she does not have much time left. The hospice is quickly trying to find a priest to administer the Anointing of the Sick or Last Rites within the next few days. Please pray that she be be granted the grace of a happy, peaceful death if it is indeed her time, or that her suffering may be lifted. I pray that she could be aware and know/be able to understand when we tell her we love her. I pray especially that old wounds among family be healed as this process continues.

Finally–a very close friend is going through chemo, though expected to make a full recovery. She does not have religious faith. Please pray for her healing and for her family’s strength as they bear this with her.

Thank you, and thank you again for your readers’ support. I will continue to pray for the other prayer requests that you post!

Father, thank you for answering our prayers through your Son Jesus Christ. Hear our these prayers through the same Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for these different people and their needs.

Lizzie Scalia writes:

If I could ask a prayer for my special intention and also because just when I don’t need it I seem to be having another flare of of this autoimmune thing. Fever, sore throat, joint ache, you know…the usual routine. Laying me out.

Father, hear our prayer for Lizzie’s complete healing through Jesus Christ. Mother Mary and St. Luke pray for her!

Another reader writes:

I wrote to you back in March asking for prayers for a relative who had a bunch of personal problems compounded by an impending divorce. I still don’t know much about her situation, but I do have some good news: She recently got a job. This is a big step for her. I’m hopeful that, by God’s grace, my relative will continue in the right direction.

Thanks to you and your readers for your prayers.

Father, thank you through your Son Jesus Christ.

Reader Devra Torres writes:

Johnny, the son of a friend from our homeschool co-op, came down with a meningitis-like infection a few weeks ago and is in the hospital in a medically induced coma. He’s 12, and has lots of little brothers and sisters. His parents, Kathie and Doug, are very faithful, and very exhausted from all the ups and downs. Prayers for healing and strength would be wonderful.

I blog weekly here.

Father, hear our prayer for Johnny’s full healing, skill, wisdom and compassion for his caregivers, and for grace, strength, and peace for all who love him.

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  • Charles E Flynn

    Because I enjoy simplicity as much as the next person, I wish I could tell you that it is permissible to stop visiting your parent or relative in a nursing home after he or she no longer recognizes you.

    My father died in a nursing home on Father’s Day in 2010. The last time it was clear to me that my father knew who I was was on Father’s Day, 2009, when I had lunch with him. On that occasion, my father looked up from his lunch tray, looked me straight in the eye, and said, “I’m sorry I put you through this”, a reference to a four-year ordeal we had shared. While he was making this remark, my father looked younger than his 91 years, and looked as if he had his characteristic sense of humor. Before I could even think of a response, my father resumed a distant look, and seemed to think that I was on the staff at the nursing home.