Because Our Ruling Class Cares So Much About our Troops

Because Our Ruling Class Cares So Much About our Troops July 19, 2012

Thousands of sick Marine veterans and their families might be on the verge of taking a giant leap toward receiving health care for illnesses they suffered from decades of water contamination at Marines Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Legislation that has languished for years was expected to be voted on in the full Senate this week under an across-the-aisle deal between the Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. But a South Carolina senator has blocked the bill, saying he worries about fraud.

Happily DeMint blinked and the bill passed the Senate.  But it’s the thought that counts. Better the sick troops should suffer than that some hypothetical person might commit fraud.  In fact, all help for all needy troops who have sacrificed–indeed all care for anybody–should be forbidden because somebody somewhere might cheat.

Me: I think Republican Jim DeMint’s entire fortune he has acquired since his election to the Senate (with the exception of his salary as Senator) should be confiscated by the state under eminent domain and distributed to every Marine family afflicted by the contaminated water.  I think DeMint should also be required to spend the rest of his natural life shining the shoes of each member of each family and then he should be required to kiss their feet and publicly declare, “I am not worthy of the office entrusted to me.  Please forgive my disgraceful disregard and repulsive ingratitude for your service.  I am a swine.”  Then, after his death, give him a state funeral and bury him in a landfill.

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