Dr. Gerard Nadal speaks the truth…

Dr. Gerard Nadal speaks the truth… July 18, 2012

…about the poison of bishop-bashing Folk Hero Worship that is rampant among self-proclaimed “Faithful Conservative Catholics”. And before you so much as think it, I am not speaking about Fr. Pavone, who has obeyed his bishop. I am talking about the fanbase which has heaped abuse on his bishop in a way absolutely toxic and destructive to the prolife movement the fanboys claim to care about. I actually saw some self-proclaimed “faithful Catholic” smear Bp. Zurek as a “vindictive little queen” the other day–all because he made the perfectly legitimate insistence that a) Priests for Life given an account of their finances and b) Fr. Pavone take seriously his main vocation, the priesthood. Celebrity culture is absolutely toxic.

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