Finding the Right Reaction to Different Sins

Finding the Right Reaction to Different Sins July 20, 2012

The other day, I posted a link to a piece I wrote about what to do when members of the Church hurt you.

There’s an accompanying article, also by Yr. Obdt. Svt., on finding the right reaction to different sins.

Speaking of which, I think I reacted too strongly to Sen. DeMint’s veto the other day. So my apologies. I am, I make no secret of it, utterly disgusted with our Ruling Classes contemptible neglect of our troops. In this case, DeMint may, I am not sure, but may have had some justification for his veto. However, the overall behavior of our Ruling Class toward our troops has been swinish (see this appalling example out of hundreds of others) and I am not inclined to cut them much slack as they thrust their wobbling jowels into the trough and enrich themselves while laying over more burdens on the backs of our troops and slashing their benefits and elementary protections.

My principle error was in singling DeMint out. I think everybody in the Legislative and Executive Branches should have everything they have earned above their salary of office (while in office) confiscated and put into a fund for wounded vets and their families. If they object, they should be jailed for treason. We’d find out pretty fast how many of our Ruling Class are public servants and how many are the odious careerists they act like.

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